What can I eat to help with morning sickness?

I just recently found out I was pregnant. I’m struggling with morning sickness a little. I have a six-year-old, a two-year-old, and a husband to feed. Any thoughts and suggestions on foods to make when you’re not feeling great and don’t want to eat? P.S. my husband is a farmer and works long hard hours and doesn’t get home until 8:00 pm most nights, so him making dinner is out of the question.


Get some anti-nausea meds from your doctor.

I had really bad morning sickness the only thing I could keep down was soda crackers! Get the low salt variety! Or sip on warm Pepsi! Has to be warm or room temperature! Good luck this will end!

Ginger biscuits might help.

I use my crackpot alot! If you have your meat cooked its always easy to do sides or salad. As far as your morning sickness I myself used Ritz crackers and sips of 7 up

I had it awful when I was pregnant , I found personally that saltines and ginger ale helped me .

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Ginger candy, ginger tea, starlight mints, peppermint and ginger essential oils (smell), sea bands, white carbs (crackers, rice, bread, pasta).

Try to find a time when you don’t feel sick , put stuff into a crockpot for supper that evening or next evening.
If you husband is off one day , maybe you can prepare several dishes and refrigerate til needed.
Try to cook hamburger meat for several dishes at one time. I find if I use garlic powder while cooking the meat , it doesn’t cause the meat to give off a sickening smell that upsets my stomach.

Ginger biscuits worked for me

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Ginger Ale is your best friend.

Pass it to your husband

Ginger tea and saltines b4 your feet hit the floor. I would leave them near my bed each night

Ginger root helps with nausea.

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My trick was to eat a few saltines before I ever sat up in the bed when first waking up. It really helped!

Dried ginger. Saltines. Ginger ale.

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Oh I remember those days…had a rancher husband that worked 18 hour days and I had horrible “all day sickness.” Soda crackers and sipping on room temperature Coca Cola worked for me. Hope it gets better😊

I was told by my dr something salty or sour or both I stayed sick the whole time I was pregnant

Sniff newspaper. Use a crockpot if you have one, less work. I was sick morning noon and night. Required IV each pregnancy (3) for hydration. I feel for you!!

Go with crock pot meals for everyone and just eat what you can. Try things you didn’t normally like before. My third pregnancy I could eat something one time and the next time I tried I puked.

I had horrible morning sickness with all my babies.

Chocolate will take the acidity down. Salt will be very acidic coming up. Same with any citrus fruit. Drink lots of water with meals so your body has something to push out.

My girlfriend is pregnant… the prenatal pills had too much iron. She switched to non iron prenatal and he sickness is gone