What can I feed my 9-month-old who has no teeth?

Ok moms, my little baby who is nine months old and no teeth yet likes to feed himself does not really like mom are dad feeding him I need food ideas.


Cut up pieces of cheese, soft fruit, cantaloupe, honey dew, banana, strawberries, blueberries
Hard boiled egg
Scrambled eggs
Cottage cheese


Pasta, cooked veggies, fruits

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You can feed him whatever you’re eating. Look up baby led weaning. My son was eating steak at 7 months and no teeth


Soft foods that can be gummed, like green beans (cut up so they are not too big), peas, watermelon, cooked carrots, sweet potato, etc

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Baby led weaning. My 10 month old eats everything we eat

Whatever you’re eating just in tiny pieces. Babies will surprise u lol

Banana, whole beans, boil carrots to soften, watermelon

They dont need teeth to chew. They can eat anything you do besides honey, raw/undercooked meats, and obvious choking hazards.

Highly recommend Baby Led Weaning for Beginners & Beyond (BLWBB)! Has all the resources and support for this! How to cut things, how to serve it, etc. helped me so much.

There’s a group called baby led weaning for beginners and beyond group. It helped me tremendously. It teaches you to cut it up and it helped me with my fear of my daughter choking

Applesauce, mashed potatoes those squeeze pouches come in lots of fruit and vegetables flavors

Baby lead weaning here! She’s been eating what I eat since 6m old. I was nervous at first but she’s a champ!

Grits…Cheese Grits…Break up a Biscuit in Tiny Pieces,Scrambled Eggs Applesauce Yogurt or Pudding,Green Beans in Tiny Pieces…mashed potatoes…

Everything! Lol my youngest didnt get teeth until 14 months, here he is finishing off a chicken wing

Don’t do cheese, babies shouldn’t have dairy until after 12 months. Don’t do anything with honey either. Give them soft foods or easily dissolvable foods.

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Pleeded fried potatoes, spaghetti, spagettiOs, bananas, Vienna sausages

Bananas (cut up really small), mashed potatoes, spagettios, mini raviolis, green beans. My kiddo didn’t get his first tooth until 14 months.

We used to squish out the middle of a French fri for our little ones

25+ yr Paramedic here- Soft foods in VERY SMALL portions, cooked veggies, cooked potatoes. Also these are GREAT! See pic!

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