What can I give my babies for a cold?

Hello. I am looking for advice on what to give my sick babies for a cold. I have a 2 yr old and eight months old. Currently giving them Hylands sick tablets, but they’re not doing much. My 2 yr has a horrible cough, and my 8month old was up all night. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, everyone!


Baby Vick’s and socks on the feet for the cough! :slightly_smiling_face:


Baby vicks and a humidifier… that’s about all you can do

Second on Zarbees! Also they have a chest rub as well, and purchase a humidifier

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I would ask my pediatrician

Go talk to your local pharmacist. They can give u a better answer…or…maybe make an appointment to see their doctor.
Meds depend on their symptoms.
Baby vicks is good, and baby/children’s advil is good too.

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Most Drs say nothing (maybe a little tylenol) but just let it run its course

I’ve had good luck with Zarbee’s, also! There are two versions, one with honey and one without. The one with honey is not recommended for children under 1 y/o, but the other is approved (via label) for little little ones. Also, steamy bathroom, saline, and suction can help with congestion. Good luck!

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Zarbees has one for babies zero honey in it.

As for your two yr old there is one by zarbees that can help!

Take them to hospital

I use these for by boys , for my 8 month old I give him Tylenol rub some baby Vick’s on the bottom of this feet put socks on and rub some on his chest :blush:

I give my 6 month old this. It helped a lot

Saline drops in the nose and homeopathic syrup.

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Cold ease by boiron all natural safe 6 months and up

Please take them to.the doctor just to make sure they’re lungs are clear…pneumonia is so common and can be deadly…remember some kids dont ALWAYS produce a fever even though they can me much more I’ll than the symptoms you are noticing …hope they feel better very soon !! <3

Vicks on the bottom of their feet with socks


Motrin liquid its. A merical

Second Zarbees! Our 6 month old is just getting over a cold! I gave her the cough with elderberries and then used the chest rub on her. it has been day 4 and she is almost back to herself! I also have a vaporizer in her room too that has helped a lot.

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Benadryl to dry them up and Motrin for any pain

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Call your doctor for correct dosage of any medications you give. They can let you know what it and isn’t safe to give. Please, don’t give an infant any meds someone on the internet told you to give them.

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