What can I give my kids for car sickness?

Hi there. What do you guys do to help your younger kids with car sickness? My daughter is one and a half, and she throws up every time we’re in the car for more than 15 mins unless she falls asleep.


Mints to suck on and these wrist bands called seabands. My 6 year old has struggled all her little life with this. We tried everything. This is what works. Any kind of video/tablet/phone makes it worse

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I have struggled with motion sickness my entire life. When I was a kid I had gray bands with white balls attached that I wore on my wrists while in the car. Then as I got older I started using motion sickness meds. Also avoid reading, using a device, looking out side windows. I had to look directly out the front window, even from the backseat.

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The wrist band works.

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My daughter in law uses the wrist bands also and they work really well

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My daughter used the wrist bands for sea sickness, her pediatrician said she could give her girls benadryl when traveling, but I would check with your child’s Dr. It worked for my daughter

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I was that way when I was young I had to take dramamine everytime we would go somewhere

It helped my daughter to sit by a window which was open so she could feel the wind blow over her. I also used to keep reminding her to look out the front window (NOT the side one where objects were flying by so fast that she couldn’t focus on them.) It calmed her sick feeling down almost immediately when she could stretch her neck up to look over the front seat and see things plainly. I’d give her a sip of water when she was feeling like she was gonna throw-up.

Have her eyes checked. Mine used to do that and we found out she had a astigmatism and needed glasses. Now no more sickness. :two_hearts: it’s worth a try. Peppermint oil helps great too.

I use the motion sickness band on my son and it’s been working great! He would also start getting sick about 20 mins into the ride. He turned 2 in August and it started in July.

I had this issue with my son when he was little. The doctor told me to sit him in the middle of the back seat so he is looking to the front and not the side. This helped for my son.

Put chains on the back so they touch the ground and get rid of static electricity works for kids and dogs

I would definitely talk to your child’s doctor to see whether or not it’s safe to give her something like Dramamine. I’ve had horrible motion sickness since I was a child and taking medicine for motion sickness is the only thing that helped. It doesn’t bother me to drive and I can be on a plane or a boat with no issues. If I’m in a car I either have to be driving or in the front seat looking straight ahead. Can’t do any sort of reading or looking anywhere but the horizon.

I have had motion sickness from riding in a car all my life and am 71. The only way I can sit in the back seat is if I have a clear view out the front window and young children can’t do that. Ask your doctor about Dramamine for children. That was the only way I could travel because it put me to sleep. Also looking at books, etc. made me sick. Do whatever you can because motion sickness is horrible!


My 2 yo grandson just had this problem. Their pediatrician said switch his car seat facing forward. So far so good for me when I have him(5 days a week) but they went 30 min the other week & he threw up. I have a bench back seat(he’s in the middle), parents have captains seats in back so he is behind a seat. It doesn’t seem to happen as often tho.
I, personally, would stay away from Dramamine or Meds if possible bc with us he got sick 15 min from house and 3 hrs away. Can’t give the child a pill before each car ride.

A good trick is not to give them anything but rice cereal before a car ride and not alot either just enough to keep them from being hungry, second put something in their view to focus on, and lastly drive slower than the speed limit. Sudden fast moves will effect them more than slower ones.


I suffered from this as a kid… i came to learn alot of of it was whether i had a good field of view… tough for a kid in the backseat… other than that… lots of Dramamine

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Believe or not pin a piece of paper under there shirts, my mom done that to me and never got car sick again!!


I always quartered up a fresh lemon and a water with lemon juice for her. As long as she had the lemons to suck on and lemon water to sip we traveled long distances with no sickness.

The motion sickness wrist pressure bands helped my granddaughter