What can I give my toddler in place of cow's milk?

Hey moms! I have a one-year-old who gets severely constipated when she drinks any cows milk. She’s a pretty good eater and drinks lots of water and juice so I know for a fact it’s the cow’s milk. I’ve talked to her pediatrician, who still wants her to drink cows milk and surprisingly didn’t see anything wrong, but my baby is traumatized by constipation. She literally would hold her stool in and scream even if her stool is soft! We’ve tried different kinds of milk like Almond, Soy, and Ripple (plant-based), but she really doesn’t take to them as easily. My husband and I feel really bad that we’re still giving her Reguline Enfamil formula, but she doesn’t seem to want anything else, but the formula and I really want to spare her the pain. Have any other moms faced this issue? Any advice? Thanks in advance!


My pediatrician recommended a half a cap full of Miralax every day for my 2 year old. It has helped her alot. If you still want to try another kind of milk, try goat milk. You can either get it in the cold milk section or buy canned goat milk in the baking section and mix with water.

Try acidophilus milk

Give her cow’s milk and she may just need some Miralax once a day in very small amounts to make her more regular…check with the pediatrician…good luck

I mix formula and whole milk seems to not be constipated that way

Lactose free milk? My daughter drank that at 12 months due to constipation

Find another doctor for one. No one should be on cow’s milk


I say whatever works, do it.

Have you tried goat milk? It’s healthier than cow’s milk. My son is allergic to cow’s milk so he was on goat milk formula before turning one and when he turned 1 we switched to regular goat milk.

maybe try enfagrow its enfamil for toddlers 9 months to 3 years. they have a gentlease one plus others.


My baby went through this too. Our pediatrician put her on a couple doses of sucralose to make her stools soft and eventually she realized it wasn’t going to hurt anymore and stopped holding them in. I know its rough to listen to them scream but it is most likely going to be a temporary issue that you can help your kiddo through

I was going to say enfamil as my little boy was lactose intolerent…he was given it for that.

Goats milk .1 of my brothers was in it 60 years ago .
Camel s milk is also available in some places ( no.idea about taste extra ) , maybe research ot .

Skip to goats milk u can get that from supermarkets but check with paediatrician to make sure it’s ok

My daughter had issues with whole milk and my pediatrician suggested to try 2% or low fat milk. The change did the trick. We recently encountered the same with my grandson in transition from formatting milk and we were advised to do the same. And once again it worked!

My son has issues with normal milk, try lactose free milk, it helped my son a lot

We use pediasure drinks. My daughter was breastfed and isnt fond of cows milk but drinks up the pediasure. They have different flavors too like vanilla chocolate and strawberry.

Lactose free milk :ok_hand:t2: give it a week and see how she is :tipping_hand_woman:t2:

Did you try different milk my soon couldn’t handle whole milk but could drink 2%with no problem

Try and go to another opinion from another.pediatrician because there could be more going on than constipation a child shouldnt suffer like that but u till then keep the water juices going cranberry juice add a little water to it so it’s not so strong but go take your child for a second opinion