What can I take for migraines during pregnancy?

I’m 15 weeks pregnant and suffer from migraines. I don’t see a neurologist until June. I need relief. If I go to the er, can they give me anything for my migraine? Tylenol does not help.


Ask your obgyn , they can perscribe something or recommend a safe regimen til neuro dr appt.
Make sure you aren’t dehydrated , drink pedialyte or Gatorade

I suffered from massive migraines that would affect my vision and make me feel drunk. My ob sent me to the hospital once and they gave me what they called a migraine cocktail without the benedryl, bc im allergic. It helped briefly but unfortunately I never got any relief from the migraines. I am going on 33 weeks and still suffer from them with no explanation as to why. From my understanding, they can mean something bigger is wrong so I would definitely get in touch with your Dr and the hospital should be able to help in the mean time. Good luck. They seriously alter my life and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Now they did offer me pain meds but it’s not a long term solution due to the fact babies can be born addicted so I opted not to take them. I hope you find relief bc ive not enjoyed this pregnancy thanks to the migraines

Only thing allowed is tylenol

My OB prescribed magnesium oxide. Talk to your OB

When I was about 14 weeks with my daughter I had massive migraines that I went to the er with. They gave me morphine in iv which isn’t the best but did help a little

ask your dr so you get the correct answer

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Try almonds…I heard eating a few of those helps with migraines…

Talk to your OB, mine prescribed me fioricet. I’ve only had to take it once but it’s good to have on hand, I’m 26 weeks pregnant but I got it when I was 10-12 weeks pregnant.

Try an ice pack on the back of your neck. Also, get a peppermint oil stick and rub it on ur temples, tip of your nose and across your forehead

Ask your doctor about magnesium.

My OB told me to use magnesium oxide and vitamin b2 with riboflavin. I didn’t like the b2 pills I bought but even without them my migraines are nearly non existent unless I skip a day!

I always took a Tylenol rapid release and drink a Dr Pepper and laid down for about 30 minutes and it helped me Bc I had migraines when I was pregnant

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Definitely see your doctor! I’m a life long migraine sufferer and was able to take some of my medication throughout both my pregnancies

Call OB eat hand full almonds and lye down in dark room

They gave me nasal stadol and I stayed on my topamax per my choice you are past 9 weeks so they may be let you.
Call the nuero and get on the wait list or try telehealth

Always consult your doctor but tylenol is usually safe for pregnancy

I had very awful positional vertigo in my head and suffered with awful migraines for thr first 13 weeks of my pregnancy i had to be supervised and nothing worked… very limited just have to lie down know a dark room of possible… currently 31 weeks pregnant and migraines completely gone

Extra strength Tylenol & a can of coke is what my OB recommended & it’s worked everytime


You need to speak with your OB. Im 25 weeks with baby #2 and I’ve had chronic migraines since I was 10 years old. My doctor, and I am NOT telling you to do this, just passing along what my doctor, and my high risk doctor told me. Occasionally, major emphasis on Occasionally, some pregnant women are prescribed a low dose of ibuprofen while pregnant. I had asked about my excedrin, they told me every once in a while is okay for me. Again, I am NOT saying to do this. Call your doctor first and foremost. But excedrin may help. It helps mine, mostly.
Ice packs have also become my best friend again. I hope you get some relief soon!!

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