What can I take for migraines during pregnancy?

I was on imatrex for my migraines with my son

I went to the neurologist as well during my pregnancy. He prescribed me Tylenol 3 even though I didn’t take them and told him I wouldn’t. My EEG came back as just tired.
I was having spells of complete vision loss, extreme migraines and moving when I wasn’t. Blood work was perfect and once I was done being prego it went away :woman_shrugging:t2:
But a cold freezer rag at base of neck and top of head. Only thing that made it tolerable for me.

Have you tried Essential oils? Peppermint, Head Ease, Frankincense Apply on your neck temples or wherever you feel your headache. Smelling the oils helps too.

Try asking your OB. That usually is the best route to go.

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Tylenol, Dr Pepper or MT dew

Pierce your tragus that has helped me so much… also sleep it off in a cold, dark room

I take imitrex when not pregnant but my OB prescribes Fioricet to use while pregnant. It was a lifesaver

Yes I agree call the OB however try putting your feet in warm water while putting an ice pack on the back of your neck. I wasn’t big on taking meds and that’s the only thing that helped me.

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I was told to drink something with caffeine in it and it helped me.

They told me I could take Excedrin Migraine for migraines or Magnesium. I was having migraines 1-3 times a week.

The only time I didn’t have migraines was when I was pregnant.

Do you know what your trigger is? Best thing for mine is a bar of chocolate, a big glass of tea and an hour of darkness. Occasionally, I have resorted to the paper bag blowing trick just don’t get dizzy doing it.

Coming from a high risk pregnancy, my Dr told me to take a daily regimen of Riboflavin(B2), magnesium oxide and caffeine(preferably without sugar)

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Gatorade /electrolytes
With Tylenol
Can u take excedrine?

500mg magnesium and B2 is what my OB told me to take since I was prone to migraines. I took the magnesium daily and the B2 when I felt one coming on

Ohhhh i actually going through this until recently. My OBGYN told me they could prescribe something that’s is basically caffeine- Tylenol - barbiturate butttttt said if i took some caffeine with my Tylenol it would work too.

Try neck stretches. Helped me out alot.

My ob has told me to only take Tylenol

Go see the chiro! Make sure they’re certified to adjust pregnant women.

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This is the remedy my OB gave me 3 pregnancies ago and I’ve been using is since! It’s the only thing Ive found that’s helped my migraines during pregnancy and after!

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