What can I use to heal a diaper rash?

What can I use for a diaper rash? I have been using Desitin & Boudreaux’s paste but it’s not working. What helps to heal it?


I used a&d for my sons diaper rash and also vaseline. Both of those worked well and i let him air out after his bath every night for a bit

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Starch n yellow. Box

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Starch works wonders definitely try it

Yes… Just dust him w starch… And use that… My kids have allergies to everything… And this is the only thing that helped

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Let it air out. Change the babies diaper more often and less acid foods :woman_shrugging:


A&d ointment… Cotton balls with water instead of wipes till its gone… Or pamper sensitive wipes…

On my daughter we just used a warm wet wash cloth and let her “air dry” it cleared after a day or 2. That other stuff would irritate her even more.

Maybe try new brand of dyper

Breastmilk if you are breastfeeding or know anyone who is

I always mixed corn starch and zinc cream together it works wonders

Liquid Mylanta on A cotton ball. Dab it on and let it sit dry if you can. Pepto works too but Mylanta worked better on my kids.

Burts bees is the best

Triple paste works wonders


Vaseline and Air.

As in let the tooshie get some air. My daughter had cracked and bleeding diaper rash. Did an hour of air few times a day. Put on Vaseline when it’s time for a diaper. Vaseline works wonders for many types skin issues.

Use cloth diapers.
Let your baby “air out” once in a while.

Egg white and leave to dry, works wonders


Aquaphor. Oatmeal baths. If it’s painful to baby get Nystatin ointment from your pediatrician.

I’ve learned creams take forever but use cornstarch… you’ll notice a differance in one diaper change. Yes, the kind of cornstarch you keep in the kitchen, not baby powder


Aquaphor is the best, my 21 year old son uses it to prevent rashes. Recommended by my pediatrician many years ago.