What can my husband and I do to higher our chances of having a boy?

My husband and I have been trying to have another baby. We currently have two girls 5 and 4, but momma wants a boy lol. Help or advice or techniques. He’s a truck driver, so we try to have sex every time he’s home, but during this COVID-19, he got laid off, so we’ve been trying harder. the 1st two kids came as a surprise (beautiful surprises), but we were ready now that we’re trying it seems to be harder.


A bunch of people are gonna say tgif but Stop trying so hard it makes it more difficult because it’s putting stress on your body make it fun and not a second job. as for a higher chance of a boy i don’t think anything can be done to heighten the chances, it’s just the work of genetics at that point.


There is nothing that can be done without medical intervention to guarantee a boy. Your going to get a whole bunch of old wives tales but almost all of them have been debunked.


Imagine couples who can’t have any babies…


Put a pillow under your hips. Boy swimmers are a lil slower so the tilt will give them a fighting chance.


It doesn’t matter about techniques to try you can do them all and it still comes down to genetics, but don’t try that’s the hardest way to conceive, if you do it without trying and for fun it’ll happen. Make sure you have an orgasm every time too, make him hit that spot and it’ll definitely help your chances :clap:t2::clap:t2: (I say that because some women don’t orgasm and try to get pregnant like it’s a mission and it never works)

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There is no way to guarantee the sex of the baby. It has nothing to do with the position you use or the time of year or anything like that. The male determines the sex of the baby genetically. My uncle has 5 kids. All girls. My ex has 4 kids. All girls. I have a cousin that has 4 kids. All boys. As for having trouble conceiving in general, it’s because you’re trying. Stop trying. Be intimate with your husband to be intimate, not just to conceive. Then it’ll happen. If you prefer to make it happen though, track your cycle. Download an app and keep track of your periods. That will let you know when you start ovulating and when the best times to conceive is!


Look up the baby dust method! There’s a book about it on Amazon and then there’s an amazing group here on Facebook!

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It’s as simple as keeping the womb extremely warm for two days after sex, and then extremely cold for five months.


Just let whatever happens, happen. I really don’t believe that any method helps your chance :woman_shrugging:t2:


The Chinese calendar has been correct at guessing genders for myself, my family and friends. So maybe do the calendar backwards, to figure out what month to conceive?:woman_shrugging:


Have sex on your main ovulation day.


You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit lol. No but really god will give you what you’re meant to have. If you want a boy so badly maybe think about adopting!!


I second this! None of us (sisters and I) were ever trying for a specific gender but looking back it was always correct.

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The male chromosomes determine the gender. so yea…no real method


Pray boo
Thats the only way, did that with my second and got a boy.
On the third and would want another boy so I’m praying again.
God answers prayers believe me.

If there was something we could do believe me my husband would have done it we have 4 girls!!

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I had 6 girls two of them was with two different men, the other four are by my fiance, we was tryin for the same thing and bam we got our boy he is now 2 months old.

There is a book describing the Shettlers Method called “How To Choose The Sex Of Your Baby”. We followed it when we tried and got a boy first time. Basic things I can tell you we did:
-husband drinks a cup of coffee 20 min before sex (caffeine makes male sperm swim faster!)
-doggy style only (deposit as close to cervix as possible)
-sex on day of ovulation or day after ONLY (get an ovulation test) and lots of it!


I saw something somewhere that certain foods in your diet(or out of your diet) can help. But i don’t know. I have 6 boys.