What can you do for itchiness while pregnant?

I am 2 months from my due date with my second daughter, and “the itch” has begun!!! I’ve gained a lot of weight in the pregnancy (Been through LOtS of emotional junk). My lower belly is SO itchy! I’m doing lotion, I just bought cocoa butter, but nothing helps so far. Anyone, PLEASE give me any home remedies or medications or ANYTHING!


I had to go to a dermatologist and get a steroid ointment.

Hydrocortisone cream

Talk to your doctor it could be something serious


I would definitely mention it to your doctor asap, just to be safe, and make sure it’s not cholestasis.


Aloe seems to help, also cocoa butter

The special pregnant belly lotion helped me.

I had pupps with my oldest super itchy and had red bumps everywhere head to toe the only thing that helped was vagisil cream

Could be cholestasis. Get tested cause it’s a serious issue


Check with your doctor. Severe itching that you can’t get rid of can be a sign of serious issues.


aquaphor helped me. It helped at night so much

Jergan’s lotion relieves itching

Coconut oil or cocoa butter

Be sure to check with your doctor about possible Cholestasis

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If it’s on more than your belly, you need to be tested for Choliostasis of Pregnancy. 13 years ago my OB hadn’t heard of it so my diagnosis took longer than it should have, but it’s necessary. The itch comes from your liver shooting off excess bile that you’re body then cannot metabolize. It can hurt the fetus’ heart and kidney growth.
It’s a simple blood test.
Unfortunately they can only give you meds so you don’t get gallstones, but it means you have to be monitored very closely.
The best way to stop itching is a warm bath. The bath calms your skin.

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wheat germ oil (vitamine E)

Avenue oatmeal bath.

Vitamin A&D and your stretch marks cream.

Please call your doctor! It could be way more serious. My friend had choliostasis and needed medical intervention


Please get tested for cholestasis! I thought my itchiness was nothing but i tested positive for it!

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