What can you do for migraines in pregnancy?

I normally suffer from migraines and the only thing that has ever helped me is migraine formula meds/Excedrin which I can’t take right now due to being pregnant. I’ve tried peppermint oil, warm compresses x Tylenol, even prescription meds and nothing helps. Any pregnant women out there happen to have luck with something else??


I had to be put on prescription medication for my migraines with this pregnancy. I don’t remember what it was called, but it was the only thing that helped me.

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Lavender & having my car windows super tinted.

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See if your PB will give you Imitrex.

Talk to your doctor about magnesium

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My OB has me on a compazine/benadryl/tylenol combo right now instead of my rizatriptan. It takes the edge off enough to watch my toddler but I’m still useless under bright lights

Im on imitrex only thing that really helps. Im on a higher dose of a vitamin that will help slow it down if i catch it early enough. I was say it’s magnesium but i can look if you want to try it

Talk to your OB, daily magnesium may be an option

When I was pregnant and had migraines the first thing to look at is your blood pressure if thats not the general cause then the formula meds for migraine usually include ibuprofen (use Tylenol instead) with a small cup of coffee. Is what I used when my blood pressure wasn’t the cause

I had two migraines when I was pregnant. Absolutely horrible to say the least. But I mentioned it to the dr. And she said often times migraines are caused from not eating enough iron. So eat more greens maybe? She explained the baby takes a lot of ur nutrition, which makes sense. She said increase ur iron and also wrote me a script for iron pills, and after that didnt have anymore. So with just my experience, that was what it was.

Talk to your midwife and doctor, there are migrane pills that have little effect on baby, i was on them pre baby.

I had migraines bad… Turned out I had preeclampsia.

All my friend could do was Tylenol and drank lots of water. Not sure it helped.

Mine were not having enough caffeine… I never drank soda and I had to while I was pregnant.

How about a bit of Coca-Cola? The combination of caffeine, carbonation and sugar was often an effective headache/migraine remedy before I got pregnant. My obstetrician and physician approved of me continuing that in moderation through pregnancy.

I took propranolol throughout my pregnancy to prevent them! Very rarely had them.

My dr prescribed me meds.

I put my feet and hands in cold water and a cold rag on the back of my neck and have low lights on and migraine music playing lol only thing that helped me in my pregnancy

I had to put ice packs on my head. Also, check out the daith piercings.

Talk to your doctor, could be your blood pressure or as my doctor told me my magnesium levels might be low.