What can you do for sickness at 19 weeks?

Curious what others have done when you’re 19 weeks pregnant and still nauseous (not quite vomiting) just the constant nag of nausea or stomach pains of needing to go to the bathroom (diarrhea) it’s usually daily…not able to do much go to work and come home


Lifesavers in the green bag.
Eating 10 saltine crackers and a glass of water before you get out of bed is a good one too.

Pickles helped me big time. Wish I had found that out sooner in my pregnancy. I think its the vinegar.

The magnesium spray helped me


Magnesium spray has saved me big time and trying to eat smaller portions more often like snacking… Prayers that it gets better for you.

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Unisom and b6 every night before bed for me. Always ask your dr first, but my sickness was debilitating. I could barely get outta bed for about 9wks until someone told me this. My dr approved it and I was perfectly fine after I started it


Ugh here for notifications 19 weeks with you sister still sick every morning

Try asking your obgyn for something.

Anything sour helped me … granny Smith apples were my favorite !!

Eating every four hours helped me a little bit

I agree with the unisom and B6. Peppermint, crackers, water, magnesium, ginger, lemons none of it worked. Just make sure you get the unisom tablets not the gel capsules. The picture is paperwork that I received from my doctors office. It was the only way I was able to function.

What does doctor say? There are nausea drops on Amazon you could try. Also eat right away in the morning. I kept saltines by my bed lol

Sea bands help a lot

Morning mummy nz they have Facebook. They have some amazing products that really help

When I was pregnant I had really bad morning sickness and everything I ate I threw up. I started eating watermelon and drinking lots ofGatorade and that really helped me

I never had morning sickness with any of my 3 kids, but I would drink ginger ale whenever I had that nauseous feeling.

Zofran dissolving tabs!!!

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Ginger root, its a cheap fix from the vitamin aisle

Preggie pops and lozenges work pretty good but every person is different. What works for someone else might not work for you unfortunately. You could also ask your doctor but if it isn’t causing you to lose weight I’d try to avoid the medications. I understand the feel nauseous all day long though…maybe also look up different remedies online but my OB always told me anything with ginger. Good luck.

I’ve just realized whatever works for the next person never works for me, after being on ondansetron and pyridoxine for more than 2months I just quit any form of anti-emetics. Like my gynae said “it’s difficult to fight the hormones that are also fighting to keep your pregnancy alive”. So at 24wks now I’ve accepted I vomit every morning, force myself to eat, baseline nausea that might only go away after I’ve expelled the placenta :cry:. Yes, I’ve tried ginger, only made it worse, the way I vomited after ginger tea. Some people have it tough some have it easy. Accept there’s no cure for pregnancy and move on. Oh and I forgot the prolapsed haemorrhoids​:expressionless: