What can your 2 year olds do?

What are your two-year-olds like? How much are they talking, and what are their interests? Include age in months, please.


2 years 5 months. Talks 3-4 word sentences. Loves Elmo, balance bike, and just about anything big brother is doing.

My daughter is almost 3 (end of the month) for the last year she’s been obsessed w abc mouse on her tablet, she can count to 20 knows her colors, knows her abcs, she loves to sing nursery rhymes. She watches Clifford the big red dog on prime. She loves coloring and drawing, playing w babies and Barbies. She loves playing w her toy kitchen, like everyday :joy: if I eat one more plastic pizza or cup of toddler tea I’m gonna die :joy::joy: she plays w her trampoline. She’s potty trained during the day but we still don’t trust nights, she can drink out of a regular cup, and straw cup. Feed herself completely. She talks non stop! She’s into legos and loves being outside. Anything w a motor she wants on, lawn mower, quad, snowmobile. She even likes her electric scooter. The last 3 days have been nothing but her wanting to play our retro nintendo where she has finally made it to level 2 on tiny toons :joy::joy: shes mouthy af and tantrums are not fun…
it’s crazy how fast she went from 2-3 words to full on sentences and being able to voice her opinion and tattle on her 4 siblings :joy::joy:

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I have a 2 1/2 year old boy. He can say full sentences, knows all his colors, but sometimes confuses gray, and black. He can count to 10. He can tell people what he wants, unless he’s overly tired. It wasn’t until he got tubes put in his ears right after his 2nd birthday that he really started talking. He also started attending daycare about 4 months ago which has really helped bring him out of his shell. His big interest right now is dinosaurs, paw patrol, and loves to watch blippi. Blippi has taught him alot!

My daughter turned 2 in August, she is speaking in sentences. She is okay with her counting ( can count to 15 with help , 10 minimal help and 7 or 8 with no help ) shes okay with her colors she needs to work on that a bit and mostly potty trained. ( nap and bedtime are usually the only time she struggles )

My youngest will be 2 years old on the 3rd. He talks a bit, but he can’t really pronounce too much. Like his brother’s names are “On” and “Tin” But actually Austin and Tyson. So he really tries.

He is super into PJ masks right now. And his little people sets we got him for Christmas. He also LOVES Spiderman, which he calls “man” and does the action of spiderman swinging and shooting webs.

He dances, sings, smacks, plays, tries to count with me. He jumps around, eats on his own mostly. He can drink from a regular cup, but we try to keep him on sippy cups. He eats with a fork but has trouble with a spoon. But he LOVES finger food.

He knows what he likes and doesn’t like. He tries to scare people because he thinks it’s hilarious. He loves his family a ton. We always get snuggles and hugs and kisses. He knows to be gentle with the dogs and cats.

29 months old. He loves baby shark. I don’t think there is anything he can’t do. He talks a lot. He learns 3-4 new words a day. He can count. He knows some sign language and Spanish as well.

2.5 yo daughter can count to 20, sing her alphabet, knows shapes abs colors, quotes all sorts of movies, working on potty training still, brushes teeth independently, plays with favorites like magnatiles, babies, barbies, tic tac toe, memory and Trouble are her fav games. She can talk very quickly and definitively - she uses words I didn’t know she knew (“Mom, you’re being irrational”). Goes to sleep easily and still naps 2 hours a day.

2yrs 5.5mo. He talks in 3-5 word sentences. Very high energy. Loves to understand how things work. Loves Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, cars of any kind, cooking (play kitchen and helping me cook), and helping me with household chores (loading washer/dryer, folding and putting away laundry, wiping and setting the table, unloading the dishwasher, cleaning windows/surfaces, etc. LOVES reading.

My daughter turned 2 last week on December 28. She loves trains, blocks, and her rocking horse and climbing toys, truck toys, and dolls. She got some balance toys for Christmas that she’s been playing with a lot, she also loves coloring and is starting to show some control with the crayons. She knows the names of the different colors and she knows her shapes. She is starting to learn some of the words of different songs and will finish the line once one of us starts it.

She likes to watch the Wiggles and sings and dances along with music, and playing with instruments/instrument toys. We’ve also been watching Disney movies with her and she can ask for specific ones by saying the character’s names (Lilo, Nemo, Moana, etc). She talks constantly and is making 3-5 word sentences. She can tell us when she is hungry, scared, has to go/has gone potty or when her teeth hurt. She points out things she thinks are funny or silly.

2 years 5 months… loves anything that moves! If it has a motor he wants a ride! He knows his colors shapes can count to 20… potty trained knows his alphabet… music is a must :joy: he likes to draw color (on everything :joy:) anything water related will keep him occupied! Knows all his body parts and can say full sentences… tantrums suck!! He loves food and cooking! Cleans up his own messes and keeps his toys up for the most part :grin: (now if my 10 yr old would follow suit :joy:) there’s not much he can’t do! Drinks out of a regular cup… even puts his clothes in the washer!

My son is 23 months old. He’s very vocal, knows lots of words. He has conversations with us now… responds accordingly questions. He still uses some sign language when he speaks, particularly if he asks for more. He’s very polite, typically… everything is please and thank you. He’s ridiculously smart. He’s also incredibly hyper, gets into and onto everything… he’s really into figuring out how to disassemble and reassemble everything. Lol. He’s very independent and gets frustrated when I try to do things for him unless he asks for help. He’s obsessed with music. He loves singing and dancing. He loves to immitate… especially his dad and big sister. He’s very silly. He’s also very dramatic.

But when he throws a temper tantrum, boy howdy watch out.

2 years 2 months. She is sassy and mean lol if I ask her to throw something away I get one of two responses with alot of sass. She says ok mommy allison can do that.l, be back all done I throw it away. Orr she says. No mom allison not throw away trash your mean and I go outside… que hands on hips and foot taps from a 2 year old

When my daughter was 2 she was talking non-stop, she knew about 80-100 words, she knew her colors at 2yrs 1month. She loved her rocking horse, 4wheeler, trampoline, coloring, hot wheels, her Minnie Mouse play kitchen. She’s 3 now.

2 years 4 months and she is sassy. She says no a lot. But she probably only says about 20 words and not sentences. She wasn’t breathing when she was born so shes been in therapy since 6 months old. Completely healthy besides some delays so she doesnt talk a whole lot. She does babble and she loves playing dinosaurs with her brother or playing with baby dolls.and horses in her room

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My daughter turned 2 in August. She can count to 12, recite her abc’s, knows all her colors, sings nursery rhymes, and is learning to sign her alphabet. She can sign about half the alphabet but can identify almost every letter signed. She can identify all of her letters and numbers and has started writing them herself. She loves cocomelon, little baby but, paw patrol, elmo, and spongebob.

Sing the alphabet, identify some colors and shapes, talks 3-4-word sentences, starts drawing random objects, curious about some household chores, put back toys after playing as she knows it will hurt her feet if she steps on them.

https://www.uofmhealth.org/health-library/ue5313 and https://www.apa.org/act/resources/fact-sheets/development-36-months and https://raisingchildren.net.au/toddlers/development/development-tracker-1-3-years/2-3-years

24 mo. Full vocabulary likes small dolls and puzzles

Son is 2. Doesnt talk much says maybe about 15 words. Has just started saying some of his abcs.