What can your 2 year olds do?

Don’t stress too much about comparing. I’ve seen twins who were vastly different. I worry about my 2yo too but remember they can learn so much even in a day. As long as most milestones are met and doctors aren’t worried then u shouldn’t be either.

My son is 29 months. Hes starting to use his imagination a lot. He can do a lot himself now ie dressing. Loves to help and clean. Sometimes is picky and has an attitude. Loves to give hugs. Is amazing with tools and puzzles and art. Not a great talker but is getting there! Knows how to use the potty but won’t yet.

All kids are different. My son is 3, he didn’t start walking until closer to two, he didn’t get teeth until closer to two, he still isn’t fully talking yet and he isn’t potty trained yet.

I have 3 daughters. Each one was and is different at that age. My oldest was different than my 4 yr old now and my 4 yr old was different than her 2 yr old sister when they were that age. Its pretty amazing how different all children are.

My 23 month old only says a few words but she will do sign language with me and listens to directions, plays with dolls and does lots of things.
My son didn’t talk much until my husband left for a job out of state and then he started talking a lot around 2.5 in full sentences saying colors, counting you name it.
All kids learn at there own pace so it’s just one of those things.
Only thing my daughter has been slow on is her speech.


My 2 year old son is FEISTY! LOL. That said, he was born premature, and overcame insane odds. He is 2 years, 9 months old and speaks in sentences ( sometimes still a toss up of what he is saying but usually clear as a bell ), he likes to play in his kitchen and cook food, he can count to 5 unassisted ( English and French), knows most of his colors, working on his alphabet, knows a lot of animals at first sight, is almost potty trained, but gets distracted while playing easily so we still use pull ups. Starting to become more independent. Loves oranges, will flip like a gymnast doing a dismount if you peel it for him🤣. He is high energy, and sassy.

My daughter will be 4 on the 5th

My son is 2 years 6 months. He only says Dada. He babbles and screams as his former of communication. He loves cocomelon and Trolls. He is a happy kid he’s very smart he is also very observant, he just doesn’t speak. He was recently given a diagnosis of autism and has been in therapy for about 2 months.


First let me start off by saying im a pre school teacher and i teach older ones/ younger 2s they are all on their own pace i have younger ones that are ahead of my own daughter. Mine turned 2 Sept 3rd. She can count to six she knows some basic animals dog cat bear duck horse the sounds they make and a few more . She can color. She knows some pre school songs and the hand movements and trying to put scentances together it dont always make since but we know what she wants or what she is trying to say. I stayed home with her for 2 months so she was behind some but she has been in school for about 7 months now and she has picked up quick on things. Just work with them it takes time and patients lord the patients i have 9 of them every day and you have to figure out how they learn every child is different

It also depends alot on if they have older siblings and how much time you take teaching them things. My oldest walked late, got her teeth late and it was a fight to get her to do anything until she started head start. Then like over night she knew alot. Her little sister did everything early and was ahead of kids her same age when she started school. Every child is different.

I say “compare” away! Now I’m going to get bashed for this because people won’t read my full comment. As a first time mom I had NO CLUE what to expect so I asked lots of questions. Not to see if my kid was up to speed but just so I knew what to expect and what to work on. My son is pretty behind on a lot of stuff. Crawled at 9 months, walked just before 1 year, no teeth until 13 months, at 27 months now and finally understanding colors and shapes. Did I compare…sort of, but only to see what I should work with him on at different stages. Sort of like I made a checklist and once something was working we moved on to a new skill. I don’t care if he is working on skills much later than others but at least I have an idea of what to do.


My son is 18 months he uses sentences he loves to use a vaccum broom and art. He can count to 5 say his abcs with missing a few letters he knows animal sounds and a few animals. He knows 2 colors right now and can recignize abc for letters. He can sing wheels on the bus and a couple other songs not all the words tho he can sign to the songs but not all the signs

28 months. He can talk full clear sentences count knows his colours - he’s into cars trucks and paw patrol

My older 2 at his age were not talking at all. They did speech therapy at 2.5 and 3.5 (3yr old was a preemie).

Every child is different

My daughter is almost 2 and she Knows her whole entire outer anatomy every single color can count to 20 can spell BLIPPI Can sing the whole song of you are my sunshine knows a lot of her shapes even rhombus octagon and parallelogram she loves going on the potty but isn’t fully potty trained she knows what all the animals are and what sounds they make she can Talk in complete sentences knows exactly what she wants and will tell you how she feels and we are currently learning our planets and so much more she’s very advance I blame it on the Japanese genes though lol she started walking at 9.5 months and talking at 10 months

My son is 26 months, he talks a lot, some sentences, knows some sign language, knows all his letters/numbers/shapes/colors. He can count to 30, and identify letters out of order. He’s really active- jumping off everything :sweat_smile: he’s really into monster trucks and paw patrol

My son will be 2 next month and he’s pretty far behind tbh. He doesn’t walk yet or talk. Doesn’t really listen to directions. Doesn’t point/wave/blow kisses. His favorite things to do are watching Peppa pig and stacking rings. He’s currently in oral therapy because he has a gtube & we’re trying to get off it, he starts physical therapy later this month, and has an autism evaluation next month. It’s incredibly hard to not compare him to other kids but I also have to remember that most kids I compare him to haven’t been through a quarter of what he has. They’re all different.

23 months in a few days and my daughter has the speech of a 3-4 year old… she started talking at 8 months and just hasn’t stopped. We went from learning new words daily to now full blown conversations over the last few months. She still says some jibberish or her conversations are unclear as if her brain is working quicker than her mouth but she has always, always, always spoken in context. She knows her colours, body parts and can count up to and down from 3 (5 when she wants but 3 normally)

Her interests are dancing, horse riding, loves all animals, obsessed with Peppa Pig.

Mine is 22 months and he babbles a lot and has probably 150 words he can say but chooses not to most of the time he points and whines lol he is very rough and tumble wants to climb his cousins and the walls for that matter but he also loves to help he picks up toys and puts them in the box if he finds garbage he throws it in the trash can he loves music and dancing and is very intrigued by how things work


My daughter just turned 2 and she’s able to talk just as well as most adults, if she doesn’t know what something is she asks me “what’s that?” She knows most of her colors and numbers up to 10. She sings, dances and plays house, she can ride her balance bike and a scooter with a little assistance, she can put her shoes on by herself too

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Talk in full sentences potty trained shes at a 4 year old level pretty much

My daughter is 2.5. She can count to 20. Say the ABC’s, knows basic shapes, colors, can read numbers up to 10 and is getting better at sentences. She loves playing with her dollhouse and dolls, her dragons and dinosaurs, loves hey duggee and paw patrol and plays interactive games on the tablet. She has some basic “jobs” around the house like helping load the dishwasher, feeding the cat, helping water the garden and will take her plate and cup to the kitchen bench after each meal. She says please and thank you (most of the time :rofl:) and is very independent.

My son is 18 months and babbles a lot but doesn’t talk yet. He loves Hey duggee too and also sunny bunnies. He loves playing with blocks and balls and likes playing with the dollhouse as well.