What causes bleeding during ovulation?

Why would you bleed during ovulation? I had a miscarriage last November. My first period was right on time; everything was cleared and had me a DNC. My second period came ten days late now. I’m ovulating, and I’m bleeding, and it HURTS.


Maybe you should get checked for an ovarian cyst? They can cause bleeding and pain if they rupture.

There could so many different reasons why you’re bleeding. You definitely need to go to the DR.

Call your doctor. Don’t come to Facebook for medical advice. Good luck


Like Jasmine Shull said. Don’t come here for medical OR legal advice. Different state, different laws. Mixed reviews. Every child is different so what one may work for her son won’t work or be healthy for another’s daughter. There will be a day someone files a lawsuit against someone for false information that harms their child because they chose to ask a worldwide audience.

When I was 11 or 12, before my first period, my mother told me to expect spotting or breakthrough bleeding for 1 or 2 days while I ovulate because she got that, which leads me to believe that it’s normal for some people. However, if it is unusual for you, you need to call your obgyn.

It can take months for your body to become regular again after a miscarriage. If you are in pain go to the hospital. Either way call your obgyn and schedule a check up just to make sure everything is fine list your concerns and they can tell you what’s normal and what’s not. Random bleeding and spotting comes with having a miscarriage your body needs time to heal and regulate your hormones again.

It can be many different reasons. Go to your OBGYN… I know uterus polyps can cause miscarriages. They can be painful out of the nowhere and cause spotting. But honestly just go to your OBGYN. they have testing they can do for you and diagnose if something is wrong.

Of course if you’re concerned, you should always get checked. That being said, ovulation bleeding is normal. I have it sometimes, rarely, but it does. Also, about every other month I can feel myself ovulate. It mimmicks period cramps and has a weird pinching feeling. That may be the pain you feel. I had a miscarriage in December of 2013 and my cycle hasn’t been the same since.

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I would recommend getting checked for overian cysts. They can cause abnormal bleeding.


I’d get checked just to be sure, and how has your stress level been. That plays a huge deal in your cycle


With my first miscarriage, my period came as normal after my DNC and got pregnant again 2 cycles later with a healthy baby girl. My third pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage this past November and only now, am I getting back on track. My first period was very light and short, lots of spotting in between then and my next period which was super heavy and long. But my hormones seem to be balancing out now. Each miscarriage and each recovery has been completely different. Give it some time, but you know you’re body and if something seems wrong, visit your doctor.

It could be implantation bleeding I had a miscarriage and was pregnant with my son by the next month


Go to the doctor…hell give you the correct answers for whatever is goin on w your body

Dncs are not good for your body unless its necessary too many can hurt you

Go to dr get your answers from them you are having alot of issues

I heavily spotted for the first 12 weeks. Then it stopped. My son is now 2.5.

Hormonal shift. I have pcos and it happens to me sometimes.

I sometimes spot when I ovulate. Nothing intense, but I see some pink when I wipe on O day

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Have a sonogram for ovarian cysts

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