What causes bleeding in early pregnancy?

I am 7 weeks pregnant. I have been bleeding like im on a period for the last 5 days. Went to er when i started spotting and they said i had a bacterial infection & my cervix is closed and my hcg is still rising. Go in for my 1st ultrasound tomorrow. Anyone else have this issue?


I had bleeding until I was about 15 weeks pregnant. It turned out to be a subchorionic hemorrhage that grew slightly until it all bled out over a few weeks. If that’s the case, they’ll see it on the ultrasound.

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Wait until tomorrow for your ultrasound hun you’ll get a mix of good and bad answers here for this topic don’t over stress it


Did they check your progesterone levels? Not trying to scare you but I had the same problem and found out my progesterone levels were low and had to give myself injections in my lower back for 12 weeks everynight. Bleeding stopped once I started the oil. But it could also be a hemorrhage which is very common.

Sounds like you could have a subchronic hematoma. That causes excessive bleeding with no cramping. More than likely you will be put on bed rest. Drink LOTTTSSS of orange juice and water. The more the better.

I bled for the first 4 months with my oldest. But everything stayed good. He’s healthy and will be 2 in June. Prayers. :purple_heart: I was told by the ER over and over that he wouldn’t survive the pregnancy and my OB kept assuring me it was okay and he’d be fine. You’ll get mixed answers here. But have faith and don’t stress.

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Did they give you an antibiotic for the bacterial infection? Because if an infection is untreated while pregnant it can cause miscarriage. There are antibiotics that are safe to take during pregnancy. If you didn’t get any antibiotics I would be contacting your Ob-Gyn or the ER as soon as possible to get them

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Also have them check your thyroid and your progesterone levels

My 1st pregnancy I had a regular period for first 3 months didnt know I was pregnant time almost 4 months


I bled and spotted throughout my whole 2nd pregnancy, he came 6 weeks early. But he was healthy as long as i took my prenatals. Just listen to your OB. Positive energies sent your way.

I had a period twice after I got pregnant with all my children but definitely get it checked out

Yes at 8 weeks & my cervix was opened & they said I was miscarriage but now I’m 16 weeks and baby is perfect❣️ even found out it’s a girl with a blood test at 10weeks… I’m sure you’re fine. Best of luck

I’m 57 years old and my mother told me she had a regular period all nine months with me so plz don’t stress have faith all will be ok GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR BABY…AMEN :heart:

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I bled the entire pregi with a subchorionic hematoma. I was extremely high risk and on bed rest. I also delivered at 35 weeks. Everything was fine tho. We now have a healthy 5 month old baby boy.

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I had bleeding and spotting, with out the issue and cramps, from 5.5-12 weeks. My twins were 4 in December. Best thing for both of you is to relax the best you can and drink lots of water.

Had intermittent bleeding throughout the whole pregnancy that resulted in a healthy baby boy

I bleed with our youngest, our rainbow.(About 4 or 5 times) Scared me so bad I would run to the hospital every time. Mine was more of a gush. The did an ultrasound each time. The second time they found a blood clot, between my uterus and placenta. Each time they would measure it, it got smaller each time. I delivered at 39 weeks and 5 day he weighed 8lbs 2ozs hes three now. Just relax, worrying does no good. Just wait you’ll get all your answers. I’ll pray you, and your little one. :yellow_heart::green_heart:

I haven’t had any blood since I found out . prayers for you and your baby :heartpulse:

They should have prescribed u something for the infection?? If it goes untreated you can end up misscarying

I just went threw this couple weeks ago I’m 10 weeks now they told me the bleeding was caused by the infection but the baby looks great I hope everything turns out good for you dont stress it.