What causes kidney problems during pregnancy?

Does anyone know what causes kidney problems during pregnancy? I’ve been having issues urinating and feel like I have a kidney or bladder infection.

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Happens bc you can’t fully empty the bladder when pregnant which causes the infection.

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Drink cranberry juice for like 3 days straight and water

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You could have a uti. It’s always best to consult with a doctor because going untreated can cause harm to the baby.

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Discuss preeclampsia with your provider as it causes kidney issues

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Could also be kidney stones. I got those while pregnant :upside_down_face:

Either not completely emptying your bladder or not staying hydrated enough…
if you think you have one definitely go to the doctor! I was hospitalized at around 20 weeks because I waited to long to go to the doctor for it.

I experienced hydronephrosis with my first pregnancy, had to have a bag placed to drain waste from my kidney. I was induced at 38 weeks and the problem fixed itself as soon as I had her!

Get help ASAP … I ended up with kidney infection while I was heavily pregnant resulted in 2 days in hospital… call doctor / midwife and drink plenty of water in the mean time x x you’ll be okay x

Please get checked. My kidney started messing up with first pregnancy and started failing with second. By third pregnancy which I was told was not a good idea. One of my kidneys quit working completely. Please be cautious

Go to the doctor. Only they can tell you what’s up with your exact symptoms.

If I remember right the change in Ph plays a part in it. Definitely call your medical provider though because UTI, kidney, and bladder infections are no joke especially in pregnancy and can cause preterm labor.

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My daughter had kidney stones during her pregnancy. The urologist said it was caused by high protein.

Your organs get pushed around, your hormones, and your body gets run down making it easier for infection.

I had them with all pregnancies would love to know I even had stents

I just assumed that my son was using my bladder as a punching bag

Go in it can be serious

Drink lots of water and no sodas

I’m not sure but call ur doc