What causes late period but negative test?

You are stressing your body out and that does happen with late periods, I know it’s hard but dont think about it. Hope you get what you want.

Chances are if you’ve tested at anything past 1 day late, you are NOT pregnant. There’s typically enough hcg in urine to be detected in even the cheapest and least sensitive of tests at that point. If you’re that concerned, request a blood serum hcg…but I know what you’re going through because I would always do the same to myself. Convince myself I was pregnant, especially when my period was a week late, was testing every day and it was always a negative. Convinced myself I was one of the RARE few that pregnancy can’t be detected on hpts…that was just me fooling myself. Go to your dr but prepare yourself for information you might not want to hear. It took me a year to conceive both times, first ending up ectopic and then another year of trying later I’m currently 16 weeks with a healthy baby now. Everything happens in its own time.

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I had a chemical pregnancy. I was so stressed because I wanted it so bad, I kept testing and getting upset. Then I woke up one day and had a feeling, tested, and it was a faint yes. But bled bad 2 days later. The 2 days later was 3 days past my usual period. The egg just didn’t stick. I kept going to the dr to check my numbers. I watched them barely rise, and drop over night. But it still hurt. Bc I wanted it so bad. If I didn’t test, I would have just thought I had a late period.
Calm down. Take a breath. It will happen for you. Put that in your mindset. Calm. Breathe. It will happen. :heart:. We are trying still, but I dont want to stress or overthink it.
If you’re still wanting to know, go to dr and get bloodwork. That will be a definite yes or no. :heart:

Just because you were positive immediately with your daughter doesn’t mean you have high enough hcg at this moment this time around.

Take a blood test it cant lie

Dont !
Pay and watch God show up and show out.

Just relax and it will happen if you are trying it is not gonna happen because your body is stressed out and you may not even know it just relax and have fun it will happen

I agree with ur husband. Also late periods can happen, if your hormones are off or even if you ovulated later than normal. If it persists you need to call doc to rule out something more serious

I had symptoms at 3 weeks and was a week late when I tested, it was negative. Waited another week and it was positive