What chores do your kids do?

What chores do your ten and almost nine year olds do?


My 13 year old son has to do the dishes and he takes the garbage out and during the summer he cuts the grass, my 7 year old son loves to do any kind of work so I let him help with just about everything form cleaning to cooking to the yard work

When mine were that age, they would wash and fold their own laundry, vacuum and make their own lunches (supervised…otherwise they’d have eaten granola bars and pudding).

Myv11 yr old does dishes cleans his own room folds and puts away own clothes helps cut the grass thake the bins out my 4 yr old will literally clean and tidy anything and everything

9&5 years old, they put dishes away, help feed animals, make beds/clean rooms, clean up any mess they have made and put away their clothes

I am raising my 9yr grandson. He feeds the pet’s, cleans the litter box, takes out the trash, empties dish washer, makes his bed, does his own laundry and vaccums the stairs. He also cooks dinner once a week by himself :grin:

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Feed the dog
Empty the dishwasher
Wipe down the counters/ table
Straighten up the bathroom and living room
Clean up bedroom
help with laundry and sorting clothes /folding laundry
I have 4 kids 5-15 yrs old they rotate chores… this isn’t all on one kid.

11 year old does dishes trash and wipe down stove and counter occasionally laundry and his litter box in his room and cooks. My 8 year old cleans living room. Takes out the dog feed and water the cats and dogs. Occasionally she begs hard enough to cook. They both help with their baby brother. Entertain him so mom can do laundry. Wash his cups. They want to help though. They chose the chores they have

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My 10 year old unloads the dish washer, is responsible for keeping her room clean, helps wash/fold/put away her own laundry and helps plan and cook dinner once a week. She also is the main one who cleans the playroom she shares with her baby sister but I help with that teaching the toddler to pick up.

Laundry, dishes, they can cook, sweep, mop, cheap bathroom (their pee especially) dust, yard work, trash, feed and wash dogs, vacuum van, wash van.

They dont do everything at once duties are normally split between the five of us and we rotate every other day.

My 10 year old feeds the dog, sweep/ mop the kitchen (that was one she wanted), make sure her clean clothes are put away, tears down pop boxes for recycling, making sure her room is picked up, she helps us cook dinner sometimes, puts a way clean dishes(she’s short so she can’t reach the top cabinets),and helps me with a lot now with things that are on the floor that I’m pregnant and can’t bend to do much.

Dishes, laundry, sweeping, trash out and to the road, keeping room tidy, bathroom counters, cleaning after themselves

My 4 ye old cleans up after herself, helps load the dishwasher, pulls the small trash can liners from the bedrooms and bathrooms and puts them in the big trash, helps sort recycling, feeds the dogs and helps fold her clothes. She will also vacuum, mop and sweep on occasion with me, along with wiping down counters and stocking wipes/diapers in her little sisters rooms.
She’s also responsible for her own water bottle to take to school. If she forgets to put one in her bag (or ask for one if she can’t reach) then she goes to school without— she forgot once.
We pick up daily and she knows Tuesdays is “clean up day” so we spend Tuesday morning doing as much as we can that way we won’t have to do so much the rest of the week.

My 11,year old aon picks up doggy piles, takes out trash, cleans his room, his laundry, and helps with vacuuming. My 9 year old daughter doea her laundry, helps with,some house cleaning, loads and unloads the dishwasher, and cleans dishes un the sink.

By this age my kids can do everything, including making simple meals.

Take trash out. Unload dishwasher. Vacuum. Dust. Clean his bathroom. Feed dogs. Help with laundry. He’s 11.

Unload dishwasher, help clean up kitchen after supper, vacuum kitchen floor, keep
Bedroom clean, and take care of her pet birds cage everyday. She’ll be 10 in a few weeks. Mores chores will be added

Vacuum, unload (some items) from dishwasher, swiffer floors, keep bedroom clean.

Laundry, sweep, mop, bedrooms, living spaces, pretty much everything but dishes :blush:

Laundry, load the dishwasher

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