What could cause my 8 year old son to start wetting the bed?

My 8-year-old son has suddenly, in the last few weeks, started wetting the bed a few times. He has never done this before. He seems his usual self. But he has been getting to sleep later (two hours after we put him to bed on average) and so guessing sleeping deeper come morning. The question is, has anyone else had this happen out of the blue? If so, did it stop? What was the reason? many thanks, xx


Definitely make an appointment with his doctor just to get him checked out. Bed wetting has a lot of causes, so ruling out any medical cause is important.
As a side note, my little brother wet the bed until he was about 8 or 9. We had an extremely chaotic and stressful home life that may have contributed to that. Has anything stressful happened to him lately beyond the usual?
My brother did eventually grow out of it, but I’m not sure what helped him (I was just a kid myself).
Hoping things go back to normal for you and your little guy soon!

Bladder infection possibly so definitely see doctor. Definitely a huge change going to bed later so sleeping deeper and heavier could be the cause also. Maybe one hr later is enough change make sure he goes before bed too

It did we had a problem with not sleeping well so we got a lite and music

Talk to your son. Something may possibly be bothering him.

Bladder infection or is he diabetic? Also has he been started on medications like Ritalin? My son lost control of bladder about that age on Ritalin…when it was stopped it stopped… Or are there new people in your life like boyfriend?

My child has accident when stressed, being bullied. Talk to him see what is going on. If that gets you nowhere call his Dr. it could be as simple as an infection to diabetes or anything in between.

Constipation will cause bed wetting. Try some pear or prune juice and clean him out good to see if that helps

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If its a bladder infection…sometimes when they wet at night it doesn’t hurt…

try limiting what he drinks before bed and make sure he goes before bed. I would talk to his doctor about the change too just to be safe. No soda or juice 2hours before he is put to bed…hope this helps

This could be a physical issue so definitely have him checked by a doctor.
Bedwetting and a change in sleep pattern can also be a sign of mental trauma or that they experienced abuse of some sort. Have a talk with him and ask him if he’s been hurt by anyone lately. It can’t hurt to just open conversation about it.

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My brother is almost 20 years old and still wets the bed. Hes been to urologist, doctors, we’ve tried waking him up several times a night nothing worked. They dont know what’s wrong

Your child’s bladder isn’t fully grown yet. Cut back on flluids!!

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First step is taking him to the dr to make sure its nothing medical. Sometimes its just change has anything changed in your household lately? Also is it cold in his room? He may be to cold to wake up fully to go to the bathroom. You may want to just wake him up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and then he can go back to bed

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This can be 100% normal. Children have growth spurts and some children’s bladders do not grow at the same rate as the rest of them. Dr.'s don’t treat primary bedwetting until after age 12 because of this growth issue. Make sure you have a back up plan for cleaning it up. Offer pull ups. Hopefully it’s just temporary.

You may find its anxiety due to what’s going on with school and the world at the moment
My 6 year old grandson is very aware and asks why can we go to school when we’re in tier 4. Kids pick up more than we often give them credit for.


If he’s staying up 2 hours passed his regular scheduled bedtime, sounds like he’s overtired and sleeping heavy. If getting back schedule doesn’t work, then I would try to get him to talk about anything and that might be bothering him.

My friends daughter started doing the same at 8 and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I’d get him to doctor!


It could be a sign of serxual abuse or possibly diabetes. Has he also lost weight and or been thirsty? Have him checked by the doctor. Ask for a blood sugar test. Other thought could be a Urinary track infection.