What could cause pain in the public area?

I am 38 weeks pregnant; um have experiencing severe pains on my pubic bone going down to my anus for the past six days. But when I tough or massage my pubic bone, there is no pain at all. The moment I try to walk or stand up, the pain strikes. I do exercise(take a walk). Um a first-time mum, please advise on what to do. If you know whats causes the pain kindly explain


It’s your stuff stretching girl. It’s normal.

It sounds to me like “lightning crotch” as they call it. I’ve had it with all 3 of my pregnancies and it hurts like hell! Unfortunately there’s not much you can do to prevent it :roll_eyes: Your almost there so hang in there! :heart:


pubis symphysis disfunction maybe?


Pressure from baby. Bones are widening to get ready for birth.


Also could be baby flipped and face is sticking into spine

Lightening crotch.
Babys putting pressure on nerves.

It is normal because babe is lowering and getting in position to come out. Try rolling hips on a yoga ball and massaging area. You got this mama. Home stretch!

Yoga ball is a life saver, you’re almost at the end!


My doctor called it “lightning crotch”, its where the baby is bouncing off of your cervix and getting into position. Its also where your stretching and getting ready to have the baby.

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Get ready you will be having the baby soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Braxton Hicks contractions.

Pressure from baby. I’m 38 weeks too and same thing happens to me. You don’t have much longer :heart:

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Lightning crotch but it’s fiod to test for uti because you don’t want to deal with that at birth and it’s common

The asshole pain. I got it when my crotch goblin engaged. WHY DOES NO ONE WARN YOU OF THE ASSHOLE PAIN

These pains are completely normal at this stage , just take it easy were u can and put Ur feet up as much as u can u will meet Ur baby soon ! X

Lightning crotch. That’s the worst

Your body is getting ready.

Omg girl I don’t miss that feeling! It’s perfectly normal your baby is dropping into the birthing position which is definitely putting a lot of pressure down there. Your ligaments and stuff are stretching due to a hormone which is preparing you for the birth as well.

Spd or now it’s called pgp (pelvic gurdle pain) it’s just your pelvis stretching to allow baby more room, if your in too much pain ask your midwife for the physios number xx

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