What could cause pain in the public area?

I was the same for the last 4 days yoga ball was the only thing I could sit on xx

Sounds like the pressure from the baby unfortunately it probably won’t get better until you deliver. Take Tylenol for the pain and try a pregnancy support belt


My pain was constant when I walked, so mine wasn’t just lightning crotch even though that’s what my doctor boiled it down to. It wasn’t a sudden pain. It was constant. If yours is sudden when you stand up/do exercise, it’s lightning crotch which is just pressure really. If it’s more constant, it’s something else.

Be grateful it’s just now happening ! I had It with my first organdy very early and I’m having it again with this pregnancy at 32 weeks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:nothing you can do about it !

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I’m on my 4th and having it so bad. And it started at 34 weeks

I had this with my second pregnancy, literally almost the whole time. It went away right after I had her

Try a warm heat pad! I think it’s spd I have the same

I think it’s just your bones moving in position ready for baby to come out.

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I have this and it is SPD. Get a support belt and avoid any movements that have you using only one leg. When you get out of bed put a pillow between your legs to keep your legs together. you want to avoid any activity where you are opening your legs wide. The trick is to try and keep them as together as possible. Unfortunately this doesn’t go away until after the baby is born.

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Your body is preparing to give birth. That area has to dilate 10cm to deliver vaginally. It hurts like hell. Hang in there. You’re almost there.

The person growing inside you…

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Symphysis pubic dysfunction. The joint has loosened in preparation for birth. I’m 35 weeks with my third and I’ve had it all three times. The only things that I think help is soaking in a warm bath and trying to keep your legs together. When you roll over in bed, make sure they’re together. Sit down to put pants on etc. It really does hurt! I groan so much from the pain when I move that my five year old has started copying me every tine he get up from sitting. :roll_eyes:

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I am 21 weeks pregnant and I have this pains now, it’s the baby and how low it is completely normal everything is also stretching out

Lightning crotch or round ligament pains

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Sounds like lightning. It’s pressure from the baby.

You’re body is preparing for labor.

I’d say lighting crotch. Not much of anything you can do to help it

It’s from the pressure from the baby’s head. I had it too,it sucks

Google lightning crotch. Literally.

Warm baths help a bit but that pressure will likely be there until you give birth. I remember being in tears with the pain and my doc said my body was preparing as it should. It can get really uncomfortable.