What could cause pain in the public area?

I’m not trying to be rude but wouldn’t it me better to ask a medical professional rather than the internet?

Sciatic nerve can start in your back and go down to your ankles or round ligament pain where your ligaments in your pubic area start to stretch to prepare for baby coming through

Its your body getting ready for baby to come an putting a crap ton of pressure an ligament pain get a belly belt that will help support the baby off the pelvis area If u can’t get one asap u can use kt tape an you tube the videos that will show u how to use the kt tape I personally have the belly belt an kt tape an I like the kt tape better than the belt

It happens especially if you are petite and gain alot…

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If the baby is already head done it puts alot more pressure down there too. Just talk to your doctor,getting your questions answered will help! Just remember not much longer. Its worth it!!

Your body is preparing for birth


May be baby pressure. Try kegel exercises

Your pelvis separating and baby moving down lower

Just keep your dr informed,he can give you the advice you need

Body adjusting for birth

Growing pains. Just growing and expanding and baby dropping.


Things getting ready for baby.


See your OB. Most likely it’s just the baby pressing on a nerve. Although unlikely it could be some serious conditions that are risky to you and your baby.


I had pelvic pain when my son was really low and getting ready to go into labor

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I agree with everyone about nerve pain or way baby is laying. If it hasn’t even mentioned yet…use a heated rice bag/sock. They are a lifesaver for pregnant moms. I experienced this pain with my second child and they said it was because he was so big

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Pelvic girdle pain. You’ll know it’s that if it hurts for you to spread your legs apart in the way you do when getting off a bed. Or if you feel/hear clicking in your tailbone area while you walk. It’s just ligaments loosening up sooner than they need to. You just have to deal until baby is born. Been there done that. Mine started at like 22 weeks if I remember correctly :sweat_smile:. It was miserable. Good luck :frowning:


Mostly likely round ligament strain. If you are concerned give your doctor a call. Look for regular cramping as your indicator that labor is imminent. Can be either in your lower back or your belly. If you have a high pain tolerance you’ll feel muscle tightening rather than pain. I had no pain til the end. Others have excruciating pain. Congratulations on the baby


I had varicose veins of the vaginal area it was the pressure from the baby it was painful not sure if you have this but a warm washcloth helped


Does no one on here know how to spell or read? Really! I could barely figure out what you really were meaning to type!


This can also be the beginning of labor. I had bad back pain with my second. My water never broke. But he was born 46 minutes after I got to the hospital. So be prepared. You will be ok. Good Luck :pray: