What could cause pain in the public area?

It’s called lightning crotch if ya wanna giggle it. It’s from your the baby being low and your pelvic area open big and getting ready for baby to come. I’m 35 weeks and suffering with it myself too. I haven’t gotten one but they say a belly band helps, lots of water and not sitting or standing too long. Keego exercises as well is suppose to help.


It might be a nerve. I had it and it was awful. Check with your doctor though. You never know

Probably just how the baby is sitting and striking a nerve. I remember getting some shooting pains in that region. Probably is fine but give your dr a call.


Contact your obgyn. Most likely if your 38 weeks you might be starting to go into dilation. I had that on both pregnancies. First baby was at born exactly 40 weeks and the second time I started to have the same pain at 37 weeks and I was admitted to the hospital. Not trying to scare you but it’s a possibility of early labor

I just had my daughter earlier this week and had this exact pain! Your little one may be moving into position and pressing on nerves. Talk to your doc and make sure :slight_smile:


Its the baby sitting low. I had the same problem. She wasnt on my sciatic nerve, just extremely low and it was putting pressure on my vagina and anus. They told me to rest more and it might help, it didn’t lol.

It’s part of your pregnancy… stretching of ligaments and muscles… could be the positioning of your baby. If it continues I would ask your Dr instead of Facebook…


Always consult your doctor first…but we all sympathsize…babies find a position they like and stay there cause there’s no more room to move. One of mine liked standing straight up with his big head under my breast bone and his feet in my pelvis. The doctor would attempt to move him and he would go right back to standing up. I was 55 inches tall and he was 19, do the math.

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It is the softening of all your ligaments getting ready to open up your pelvis for delivery… and it’s not just pelvic ligaments so be careful where you are walking or reaching etc . I ended up with plantar fasciitis after the ligament in my right foot failed…flat foot and pain for almost two years after my first baby. It’s from pregnancy hormones.

it may be that your hips may be getting ready to birth, but my advice is to speak to your Doctor and get checked… just to make sure that all is well before the baby comes.


I have had that with my pregnancy’s too…stops you in your tracks…It always went away so I wouldn’t worry to much

Your ligaments and joints soften so they can push that baby through a bony pelvic cage. That can cause pain. The doc will tell you use Tylenol. Wasn’t very helpful for me because Tylenol is like taking water for me. However I did find sleeping with a pillow between my legs helped some.Also I had a wonderful Sheperd mutt that never left my side when I had my last kid and helped me get up and start walking by letting me lean on him. Just get up slow and take baby steps those first few steps. You are almost there hang in there.


With one of my pregnancies I only experienced labor pains in my pelvic region.

Chances are you have a yeast infection. Learn to spell and try to ask again.

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First the baby is getting positioned in yr birth canal. Unless yr still having sex which some can do. Yr close to due date but check with doctor. Maybe it’s the pressure of the baby getting ready

It’s the baby pushing down in that area since you are already 38 weeks.Getting in position to be born.

That’s baby making their way down :upside_down_face:. I remember walking around at work and getting zingers like that down into my vajay that would literally stop me dead cold in my tracks. :zap:. It felt like a sharp needle stabbing me down there. It’ll get better, just a bummer in the meantime :heart: call your provider for some reassurance . Hang in there momma!

I strained the ligament that connects the pelvis in the front - the pain was unbearable! - Good luck!!

i had that at about 36wks went to the hosp and they said the baby was fine just moving into the position for delivery. and yep water broke, little miss was in a hurry

Sounds like Braxton Hicks pain to me this usually happens when the baby is low pressing on the pelvic