What could I get my OB as a thank you gift?

I was wondering if anyone has ever got their OB like aftercare to thank you gift? I just had my 2nd baby, and my doctor helped me soo much during this pregnancy. I love him. He’s a great doctor. I really would like to get him something to show my appreciation, but I’m not really sure what. Any and all ideas are helpful


Find out what alcohol they drink


I sent a handwritten card, a birth announcement and picture, and a set of earrings. She loved it and sent back a thank you note.

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A card amd maybe chocolate

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I sent a birth announcement with a thank you. Then, after his first bday- another card that had his year panel pics, with a thank you again.

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I mean my OB was always giving me a hard time why I never brought him anything from work(assistant manager at a DQ) so 1 of my last appointments before I had my daughter I brought him a blizzard cake :rofl::woman_shrugging:. He loved it.

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I think simple is best. Maybe a card and fruit basket or flowers?

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Find out what charities he supports. Donate to it in his honor.

An edible bouquet.


Maybe a fruit arrangement of some sort from Edible Arrangements? They have lots of different assortments. I’ve gotten fruit on a stick (fruit kebabs) for my sons school and everyone loved it!

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We literally would bring her & our nurse fountain pops to our appointments :joy:

Badge reels or pins for their ID badges are good options

I got my MFM and my OB this coffee cup. If it wasn’t for their high level of attention neither of my boys would be here.


Chocolate apples cheescake stuffed they’re so yummy and easy to make

Mine enjoys getting pics of the babies she’s delivered. She has cork boards covered in them.

I gave a mug and Starbucks card haha

I gave the Dr. Who delivered my son a yeti like coffee mug a stuffed bear in blue because of my son and a picture collage of each of his ultrasounds up to the day I had him and then a picture of him was included

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Face masks or fruit arrangement

I got my midwife a gift at my 6 week checkup. It was a personalized coffee mug that I made (she drinks a lot of tea and coffee being on call 24/7 and delivering multiple babies back to back), a framed photo of her with my son when he was born, and a historical book about midwifery.

I did for the whole nursing staff I got some yummy treats the dr legit basically shows up catchs the baby and the nurses do the work haha so I gave them all goodies!!


A baked treat for him to eat at the office and share with staff, maybe ask the employees what he likes. I know I always like food lol

I baked mine Cookies!