What could it mean that my cervix is low?

My previous four pregnancies have been so awesome, and delivery all smooth and quick. This pregnancy, I’m being told my placenta is low and 2 cm above my cervix. They’ll be checking again in 3 weeks. I’ve read it can move as a baby and the belly grow. Wondering if this has been the case for other mommas, or the mommas who it didn’t move for, how was the delivery???

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Yes i had that problem but it moved eventually and i had normal delivery but i had to go clinic at the hospital instead of an health centre in case of an emergency. Idk if this helps because am from Trinidad

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It’s called placenta previa. It’s where the placenta covers the cervix a little or a lot. (Complete previa does not go away)
It’s extremely common for a partial to happen and very likely will move up on it’s own as the uterus grows. You can expect to see it away from the cervix at about 24ish weeks or so. Give or take.

If it’s full and/or will not move, you will have to have a CS.

They will check again once you’re close to delivery date to make sure it’s moved to safe length away (about 1-2 inches). If it does move you’re perfectly safe to try a natural birth.

I had one too. Like previously stated, extremely common.

Mine was low, probably similarly close like yours, but my doctor assured me that it moves. I had no complications from it. It can move around. I wouldn’t worry about it too much right now. If at your next appt it is still in the same position or closer, your doctor will discuss with you the risks.

Yes mine had moved once i hit 20 weeks.

Mine was partial it moved. At 34 weeks I asked about it again, since I was closer and was worried whether I was having a csection or not.

The OB I saw, explained it as, if I placed a dot on a deflated balloon, then inflated it, the dot would move as the balloon expands.

Doc will definitely keep an eye on it. I know I was worried and googling everything about it, until they assured me that it moved and I was safe to deliver vaginally.

They told me mine was low at my 18 week scan. At 22 week scan it moved 7 cm away from my cervix

Just happened to me at my 20 week. My placenta was less than 1.5 cm from my cervix so was put on pelvic rest and was to be checked again at 28 weeks. That was last week. Placenta moved away and everything is normal again. Mind you I had two smooth pregnancies before this one also! So I wouldn’t worry, mama!

Your on your 5th baby. Your body has changed