What could this lump on my brest be?

I need advice. I have a bump on my breast which I’ve had for a while, and it never really bothered me until now my daughter stepped on it really hard one night, and by the next day, it was way bigger it has not stopped growing and is a golf-sized ball now, and sometimes i get this god awful pain from it to where it hurts so much i feel like i can’t move or breath because will get worse sometimes i feel like i will pass out from the pain but i don’t its growing really fast. Could it just be a cyst or something minor? I really don’t want to go to the hospital, especially because of the coronavirus and I also don’t have insurance i can’t afford for it to be something bad.


GET a mammogram now its your life


I would go to the ER. You might not be able to afford something bad due to money. But even more so you can’t afford for it to be something really bad and your daughter to not have you around. Hospitals can work with you on payments if needed. Better safe than sorry.


Yes it COULD be a cyst but because you said you get pain I’d get it checked out. The sooner you know what it is the sooner you can take care of it and do what you need to for your family.

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Mammograms are free. It very much sounds like you need to see a doctor. Good luck to you. :blush::purple_heart:

Go see a doctor now

You need to get it checked out, especially where it is growing. My cyst have never hurt. The hospital should be able to give you the number for the Breast Cancer program that will cover your exam. Don’t put getting breast lumps checked out. Better to find out it is just a cyst than Breast Cancer. Yes young women and even men can get Breast Cancer.


Could be a cyst but any lump in breast I would get checked make an appointment with the doctor as they can refer you for a scan that’s what my doctor did for me good luck

Definitely better safe than sorry!

Get checked ASAP! My grandmother hid a lump for a year and accidentally slipped up one day and told. Sadly hers WAS cancer but she beat it! Keep positive thoughts and get peace of mind.

Get a mammogram asap…it sounds more like a cyst but you Must get it checked


For your daughter you can’t afford not to get checked out


What are you expecting to see a doctor.

Definitely get a mammogram asap. Just a question is it moveable or does it stay in the same place when pressed?

Go to a ER they can’t refuse service and you can talk to them about a financial plan. I don’t know where you live but here in KY you can fill out financial forms and it can help reduce the cost and they will help with payment plans.

I have fibroid cysts and they are sometimes painful. Nothing to worry about but do go to the dr caffeine makes it worse

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I am not a medical professional, so please, just take this as my opinion. It could very well be a cyst, but the only way you’re truly going to know what’s going on is to get a professional opinion. I absolutely understand the financial worry (I’ve been there), but if it is something serious, you don’t want to let it go untreated for long. Some things will not get better without intervention. I’m truly not trying to scare you, but do feel that it’s an important thing for you to consider. I’m wishing you the very best.


Sorry but you need to go to the doctors cause something is not right. They can set up a payment plan with you at the doctors but you do need to get checked out.


I had a cyst and I had it checked and I always remember her words ’ if it moves around its a cyst if it doesn’t move get it checked ASAP’

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You can’t afford to NOT get it checked :flushed:If it was on your nose you would

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