What could this pain be in my lower pelvis?

I am 32 weeks pregnant. Recently, as in the last week or so, I have had severe pains in my lower pelvic region that lasts from a few minutes to a few hours. It always goes away, but it keeps me from sleeping at night. When I change position, it still hurts. There is no pain in my back at all. I have told my doctor, as I have had pain the last three months when walking for more than 20 mins at a time, and she seems to not be worried. What is going on, and should i ask to see the doctor again and maybe try and explain it better? Thank you all in advance!


Probably lightning crotch! The baby is preparing you for delivery! It should subside after birth. Try sleeping with a pillow between your legs.

With my last one i hurt like that for the last month, especially when i would try to sleep. Its pretty normal im sure its just baby making room :blush: and do what she said :point_up_2: pillow between your legs helps some

try a belly band that helps lift the weight of the baby off of your pelvis


Yes its the baby preparing themselves! My dr prescribed pain meds to help…

Heating pad on inside of thighs, chiropractor and using a ball or rolling pin was the only things That helped me get relief for my pelvis.

Ligaments are loosening

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Look up symphysis pubis dysfunction. I had it with my first pregnancy. It sucks but it’s very common

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Could be PGP (pelvic gurdle pain) I was diagnosed with it at 5 months, it was intense pain, symtoms sound similar, I ended up having to do physiotherapy for the remainder of my pregnancy and had to use a serola belt too.

Could be baby’s head pressing into your spine .

I would recommend you talk to your doctor and keep track of what you were doing when the pain started, what helped it etc. I had this in. my 2nd pregnancy and ended up finding out it was my cervix thinning and I was starting to dialiate.

Round ligament pain? Lightening crotch? Pressure from baby’s head on your cervix? Unfortunately pregnancy brings on a lot of different things. I am almost 37 weeks along with my second and have all of these plus more. I feel like the front of my pelvic bone is bruised every time I move.

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Its the baby settling into the pelvis in preparation for birth. The baby is getting to big to move a lot and tends to settle into the head down position.It can be incredibly painful. Sometimes a warm bath can help.

Does it feel like you’ve been kicked in the vagina? Or someone is sticking a knife up there? Totally normal it’s your ligaments stretching. It sucks I hated it lol I found a belly band helped to relieve some pressure

I’m 32 weeks and have experiencing loosening ligament pain and lighting crotch :weary: my upper buttocks and groin feel like they have pulled muscles a lot as well.

My doctor wasn’t worried at my appt last week either. I didn’t experience a lot of this with my first kiddo so I was a bit worried too. My doc is top notch, and I trust that if he’s not worried then I shouldn’t be either.

Almost 37 weeks here with my 2nd and I started physcial therapy for my pelvic pain, thats how bad this pain has gotten for me… With my first I had absolutely no complications. The pregnancy was a breeze! This one though is killing me… my partner has had to stay home the past almost 2 weeks because I cant even walk on my own or get myself dressed because of how bad my pelvic is. I have tried everything to help but nothing completely works of course. Some things that have given me temporary relief are ice packs, maternity belt, keeping my knees close together, warm showers, and taking things verrrrrrry slow. I have been told by my OB and the physcial therapist that this is from the hormone relaxin that makes your joints and ligaments loosen, preparing for birth… in my case im just producing alot of relaxin which makes it extra loose and unstable I guess. I definitely feel your pain and I hope you find relief soon :pray: :heart:

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Broken crotch syndrome I had that

put a pillow under your hips

Sounds like SPD. I have it too. It sucks for sure, but nothing to worry about!

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See a physical therapist trained in women’s health.