What did you pack in your hospital bag?

What are some things you didn’t pack in your hostpital bag that you wish you would have? I am 36 weeks and finally packing my bag and don’t want to forget anything


Chapstick was forgotten the first time and never forgotten again lol

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With covid I would recommend bring a laptop with a speaker and Netflix logged in. I was induced. My husband and I were stuck in the room bored the television channels sucked. We brought the laptop and watched Netflix for hours

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Also snacks hospital food isn’t the best and our hospital had limited menu because of covid.

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My hospital provided all my after care I just had to bring my clothes and comfort items from home and shampoo stuff if I didn’t want to use what they gave. They also provided everything for baby, so I only took one outfit to take them home in. Didn’t want a lot of bags to carry down when I left so took a small book bag with leggings and shirts and was good til I got home. Everyone is different though when it comes to what they want to take and what they take and feel they needed or didn’t.

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Phone charging cord.

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You don’t need a lot. Mainly comfy clothes to go home in, a charger, snacks and clothes for baby to wear home. It’s much easier to be in your hospital gown. They provide pads and diapers for baby. I brought baby’s diaper bag that had clothes and everything else for baby but didn’t need anything except one outfit. Also bring soap and shampoo and conditioner and toothbrush

Cellphone charger, hair ties, a brush and cash/change for vending machines.

All I needed was my pillow and chapstick really. And good underwear (high waisted) & clothes. I brought all suggested items and found I needed none of it other than those & a phone/laptop and charger for entertainment

I made little bags filled with fun sized candy for all the nurses that dealt with me :joy:

A book :joy: it took him over 27 hrs to get out! And I was induced bc I was almost 42 weeks!

Overnight (large) maxi pads.

I packed everything but the kitchen sink (multiple changes of clothes, pillows, my blanket, chapstick, snacks, drinks, entertainment, gum, flashlight and headlamp to walk around the birthing center at night, my aromatherapy diffuser, essential oils, ice packs, heat packs, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, all the stuff in the diaper bag, hair brush, hair ties and clips, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, and much much more). Truth be told, I never even opened the bag until it was time to leave so I could get dressed.

I was only at the birthing center for 2 hours before my son was born and a couple hours after.


I wish I would’ve had our own swaddle blankets when my son was born

Here in south america everything…pampers wipes wash cloths baby soap your own soap underwears night gowns…stayfree pads…bedsheets pillow blankets for baby…clothes for baby…also your self toothbrush…hairbrush deodorants…perfume depends if youre there long and you have visitors…baby socks and slippers for your self…yep it was the whole darn suitcase for me…the first set were twins…and then a girl came a year later…

Phone charger, hair ties, chapstick

extra panties shampoo toilitries

I didn’t pack one for any of my kids. The hospital gives you all you need. They will also wash the clothes you came in with so you can wear them out. I just wore on sweat pants and t-shirt. I brought two baby outfits. One for pictures the hospital takes and one to go home in. And I brought carseat. The hospital provided bottles. Diapers etc. Why waste time and space on hospital room.if you need clothes pack sweats to wear home. No need for anything else. They provide tv.(which I never used) Radio (which I did use) food. Washing. Services. Any prescription meds you’re on they provide… Save yours for when you’re home.

Extra long phone charger. I had a 10 ft one. You never know where plugs will be in the rooms


Just need comfy clothes, depends, hair ties, pump if you need one, towels, phone charger, one coming home outfit/sleeper.