What discipline techniques work for you?

What discipline techniques do you use with your child? Mine just turned 4. He is very hyper 24/7, and we probably have a diagnosis coming. But he’s pretty aggressive. Lately, he’s been hitting me a lot and trying to bite me. He screams about just about everything. And throws a fit over everything. Everyone has become overwhelming lately. I’ve tried time out, the corner, sending to bed, spanking, ignoring him (to an extent), overly praising him when being right, etc. IDK what’s left. If anyone has any ideas to help us, please let me know. I’m drowning in life right now. I’m also a single mom. So have essentially no help. I’m having a hard enough time right now. If you don’t have something to say that’s going to help me, then please don’t comment. I don’t need to feel worse.


He is just testing you to see his boundaries…n I wouldn’t be so quick to say DX…u got this u r mom…be mom


Try a routine schedule as much as possible. Pick a firm way to handle issues and use it for a while with the routine. I have step child with TBI plus more issues and this is what the professionals say.


Well I don’t have any children but I do have a Neice And I will help raise her the way I treat my animals love and discipline without fear not like the way I grew up where there was always fear

Stick to a routine. I used a program called 123 Magic (you can get the book in your local library) and it was a God send. It is as much about retraining YOU as it is retraining your kid. If you use it, it will work.

Have him tested for ADHD and ODD, that’s how my daughter was. He will need schedule and structure, and must be firm at all times with him. He needs positive reinforcement. Good Luck, it will get better!

Everyone is always so quick to point out a diagnoses. That’s not up to you or strangers on the internet. It’s up to the doctors and specialists. From the sounds of it your child is simply acting like a child. He is pushing your buttons to test his boundaries. It’s a normal child thing. Parents need to start realizing we can’t have full control over our children. They aren’t meant to sit still for hours, or always be quiet and gentle. They’re meant to get dirty while exploring. They’re meant to get scrapes and bruises. Let them be little and explore as much as possible.

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I took my son to buy a bean bag to punch and throw himself on in his room. I allowed him to also climb door jams. My son and I would jog in our hallway but do fun jogs and just make him laugh and tire himself out. My son knew the time out chair buy this time and also gave me the screws to it at one time. Lol you just have to stick to your rules and don’t back down and say oh it didn’t work.
You cold go ol school and get a paint stick and smack his booty one good time and then when he gets to the point of hitting u, you could ask him if he wants that paint stick or is he going to shape up. My daughter is 21 and survived a wooden spoon smack once to the booty at 5. My son just needed to be directed on how to handle his feelers healthy

Sounds like my nephew. He’s always been super hyper and no discipline worked…My sister took him to a psychologist and he was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD. The ODD I can’t remember what it stands for, but it explained why he was the way he was. She put him on meds for the adhd and his behavior has drastically changed…

Had to have a chuckle hear , as you just described my almost 4year old granddaughter a lot of the time…
Read Tara Mecas reply again .

So many kids will act this way with parents , but will be verging on Angelic when with other people .
Dean Martin also offered great advice

My daughter at 4 I could take her no where I’d warn her candy.is out of the question it’s no u dont need it but the minute were in the store shed flop to the floor screaming convulsing. I’d have to take her out go home your child is testing.u u have to set.boundries.if u really need advice go to your pediatrician advice on discipline actions they do.grow out of it eventually but right.now its challenging ask your doc is your best bet good luck

Diet change!! Start with red dyes… it worked wonders for my daughter and her outbursts and uncontrollable behavior!! Good luck mama, you will get thru this! :heart:

They have linked sleep deprivation with the same symptoms of adhd. So is he sleeping well. He could go to sleep at 8pm and not wake up till 7am, but if he tosses and turns could still be sleep deprivation. Its worth looking into. Otherwise routine helps being firm. Good luck wish you the best

I have four boys. Ages now,(20,17,13,11)They all have different personalities of course. Each one I had to use a different way of discipline. The best advice I could give you that I learned is to stay consistent. If it’s a rule today,it’s a rule tomorrow no matter what.


Ignore him take off his special things try an elimination diet it is very strict but good till you get him to your Gp paed the health food shop at Redbank May have some things he can take go have a chat to them very helpfully or chemist .Braer mace good calming Medicines

Be consistant and tell him you love him and cuddle him.Try not to lose your temper, tell him how it makes you feel when he hits you.However you decide to treat him stick with that way for a few weeks before changing it, children respond to consistency and routine.Its not easy but you can do it.

Take him out to a playground to tire him out. Bite him back just enough to show him it hurts. Be consistent with punishment and make sure you clean up his diet with healthy food.

All of these are good ideas. Try everything on the list. Combine everything together. Take him to a playground and tire home out. And he’ll sleep better. The only thing is you have to be consistent. THAT’S VERY IMPORTANT!! IT S allot of work but less than a month with the new routine. It takes 21 days to break a habit!!! Hard work for mom, but in the long run, it will pay off. Don’t give in, no is no . Have rewards for good behavior. The sticker plan works. I’ve used the charts for my children. They would be happy for putting there sticker on there chart. And at the end of the week, the kids are excited to get 5 when the sticker chart is full of stickers and of course the 5 dollars includes a ride to the store of choice. Remember 21 days. I was pretty exhausted by the end of the 21 days. But it paid off in the long run.

Have him tested for all the usual things like ADHD. But also have him tested for PANDA. As I understand it. The Strep. The Streptococcus virus can cause this behavior.

I wish you luck! I had many slip ups. Finally I got it. Even have a calm down time every night. In front of the TV. That worked for me. Make a temp bed soon the floor in front of the TV. And if you slip once in a while. Just be on time. Make it fun with them. And keep your head up. But try to do this. It might just work. Good luck.