What do I do to make my child more comfortable sleeping on their own?

Anyone else has a kid who NEEDS you as comfort at night? I’m all for comforting and reassuring his needs, but it’s gotten to the point where he literally sleeps in my back because he needs to be so close to me. No matter how far I put him on the other side of the bed, he just rolls over (even in his sleep) until he finds me, and will just lay on me. I wake up sore, hurting and it’s hard to sleep when there’s a kid stuck to your side, so for anyone who’s experienced this, what do you do?


My son used to do what I call the Frankenstein. He would sit up in his sleep and throw himself to the side so he would be next to me. After a while it got old as I kept getting hit. Put the clothes that you wore that day on a pillow next to your child and a glove with slightly warm beans. He should feel like hes sleeping next to you

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May try a weighted blanket.


Interested in answers to this. Hoping for new ideas !

i need help too same issue in my bed lol

What about old clothes with your scent on them

I’m wondering if a weighted blanket would be ideal? That’s what I would try

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Bahahahaha good luck my son is 7 and still like to be close when he’s sleeping. I put his bed next to mine that way I could have my space but he always stretches his feet over to touch me

I’m having this same issue with my 8 almost 9 year old daughter. Some nights I can’t even leave. I have a diffuser going with you name it, a weighted blanket, etc. even if I move to roll over she wakes up and asks me where I’m going!

Exchange the kid for another.


My 9 year old was doing the same thing. I told her I would take away her tv time her laptop and no treats and candles she loves to light. Then set up class points for her to earn so she could get her favorite chic filet. She’s on day ten of sleeping in her own bed.


Find something quick because my 7 yr old granddaughter still sleeps with me when I try to put her in her own bed she tells me Mawmaw I’m just not ready

How do you all get in this situation to begin with? We all know the risks of cosleeping with a baby or young child, SIDS especially so if you never start the habit, they never know any different to sleeping in they’re cot/bed/room ect, I only ask because my sons already in his own room at 8 months. Doesn’t put up a fuss to get in bed with me because hes always had his own space, we’ve had some shite nights when it would have been easy to give in just for some sleep, but I haven’t (except when we had builders digging up the road 7am /7pm plus daily for 2 weeks outside our house) and I hated it then lol


My now 3 year old daughter was the same way. We put her own toddler bed in our room till she was comfortable to move to her room. An she LOVES her own bed now.

My 4 year old daughter did the same thing up until we got her a weighted blanket in her size and it made a big difference. She stopped getting in our bed every night and slept longer and through the night because they say the weighted blankets make them feel enclosed and secure and almost give the sensation of someone holding them. I highly recommend trying a weighted blanket

Make them sleep in their own bed.

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Mine is 3 and a half and does the same lol

Maybe a body pillow to hug, or alternatively the “boyfriend” pillow which is like a guy’s torso with an arm that goes around you. There are also heart shaped pillows with arms and hands. I got one at IKEA.

Also try a hot water bottle/heating pad, or weighted blanket or glove full of beans (to simulate your hand on your child) as mentioned above.

Add soothing music, starlight lamp, white noise machine, humidifier, blanket warmed in the dryer, a tape of you snoring or breathing, whatever. Then as she sleeps in her room for a couple months, maybe take some stuff away or he will need all of that whenever he sleeps away from home.

My son only sleeps with me once in awhile. When his anxiety is high or he’s sick. He needs me so I allow him. He’s like your son. He has to be on me which is very difficult to deal with. I filled shirt with dry beans. I let him cuddle. Then once he’s asleep mommy dumby takes over. When I wake up “she” gets hidden. He doesn’t know it exists. It works!

Stiff one of your t shirts and make him sleep with that,