What do I need to know about having gestational diabetes in pregnancy?

I just found out I have gestational diabetes in my pregnancy. What are the risks for the baby and I? How does the doctor treat this any different than other pregnancy?

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it means you need a great diet. to control your sugars alot of regular foods you eat will have to be cut out or down.
research starch foods. or see a diet specialist.
if you don’t control it with a diet or pills… you, your baby or you both will suffer.
I didn’t control mine when I was pg with my 3rd and he came out 10 lbs. c section… i don’t recommend that.

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I have it and I’m currently 18 weeks pregnant. I have a libre device that I scan before and after food to keep my blood sugars on track. Never had it with my first so new to this myself

I have it. I have to take insulin. I also changed my diet a lot. I will be delivering baby early so he dont get to big.

Okay so I had it and nothing helped… I ended up needing insulin shots 2 times a day. Was told baby would be big and chubby… my son was born skinny with his skin sagging in all the right places and healthy as can be. Just control your diet the best you can. I also went to Panera a lot bc on their app you can modify the orders and it’ll tell you exactly how many carbs are in things if you wanna feel less restricted in your diet. Also don’t be afraid to get creative with your meals.

I had GD when I was pregnant with my daughter and they had me go on a certain diet and check my blood sugar at least 2-3 times a day. They had me write down what I ate, what time I ate, and what my numbers were to determine what I needed to avoid eating/what to cut down on. I couldn’t get my morning numbers to a safe level, so I had to be on a diet and insulin 2 times a day. I even had to see a dietitian. My baby came out to be 8 pounds and 9 ounces but she was healthy. They tested our sugars once she was born and everything was normal. I had to go back a year later to be tested to see if I had developed diabetes, and thankfully, everything came back normal. Control your diet and pay attention to how much sugars and carbs are in your foods. Everyone is different when it comes to GD and diets are different depending on how your body reacts. Listen to your doctors and voice your concerns.

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Count your carbs! Also use the App My Fitness Pal. It tells you how many carbs, fats, proteins, and everything else are in the foods you eat.

I had gestational diabetes with one baby and not with the other. I actually liked that the baby was monitored monthly, and the diet kept me near my original weight. Both very healthy.:heart:

I had gestational diabetes with my 3rd baby [ shes 10 months] I was able to control it with a 1200 calorie high protein low carb diet. I downloaded an app that I could input my sugar levels into 6 times a day and tracked my food. I had to do this from about 2 months. It worked for me best wishes

Download Senza it’s more accurate than my fitness pal plus you can put your glucose numbers in it. They will have you go on a diet, monitor yourself and make sure you and the baby are healthy. Medication might be needed if what your doing isn’t working out. I had undiagnosed GD, my 3 hr was borderline and my son ended up with LGA. He had to have his blood sugar tested before every feeding right after he was born with a blood prick in his foot.

I had it with my third pregnancy. Mine was boarder-line. So mine was diet controlled, i didn’t have to add any meds or insulin. Third trimester i believe they will keep an eye on baby growth make sure baby doesn’t get to big. I took my sugar when i woke up in the morning and an hr after every meal. They should have a dietitian contact you and go over all of this. After baby is born while on hospital baby will i believe is three sugar tests which is like just getting yours. A prick in the foot, if baby’s sugars are good then nothing more will happen.

I had it with my daughter and gestational diabetes is not like any others. There can be no rhyme or reason to a sugar spike. Mine was spiking from boiled chicken…I had my daughter at 37 weeks by c section. She was 8lbs 6ozs and her sugars bottomed out when born. Spent 8 days in the nicu and is now completely healthy.

I was on insulin shots from end of 2nd trimester, work with a glucometer throughout the day, and had to watch what I eat and drink. Baby came out fine but had to go through emergency CS due to raptured water bag & baby just being 35 weeks. She’s 5 now. If you are on insulin the baby should be alright and there’s very thin chance that you will pass it on if you just follow what the doc tells you.

Your insurance should cover at least one consultation with a nutritionist who will work with you to help you modify your diet. You will also have to track your blood sugar often. The info I learned helped me change parts of my diet for good, and I didn’t have it with my second pregnancy.

Cut carbs, limit fruits, and NO sugary drinks, including fruit juice. Frozen dinners often have diabetic numbers on them to help keep you on track. I still had big babies for my size, but they were healthy and delivered vaginally.

Gestational diabetes ends with the birth (hubs had dove bars waiting for me when I got to recovery), but puts you at risk for diabetes later in life. Get enough protein, but look for organic grass fed meats if you eat meat as the U.S. supply is full of added growth hormones, antibiotics and pesticides. Eat as many colorful vegetables as you like; it’s good for your overall health throughout your life.

I am 30 weeks pregnant with my 4th kiddo, and was diagnosed around 2 weeks ago. They sent me home with a kit to test my blood sugar 4 times a day(once before I eat in the morning, and again 1 hour after each meal). You basically have to watch carbs/sugar. they recommend I have 15-30 carbs for breakfast and snacks between meals(if you need a snack), and then 40-60 carbs for lunch and dinner. I noticed I was drinking an insane amount of carbs between milk, coffee creamer, juice,ect, so that’s probably been one of the bigger changes. They say don’t do keto, because it can hurt the baby. Switch to hole grain everything, substitute coconut or almond flour for regular flour, I cut out sugar/honey and use Stevie. I found light and fit Greek yogurt that only has 9 carbs, switched coffee creamer to sugar free, or use this awesome vanilla protein shake in it. Avoid potatoes,carrots,certian peas, any starchy food,ect basically any white tortea/bread, you have to avoid. They sent me home with a papper with several groups of food, and how many servings you should have of each, along with estimated amount of carbs in each serving, has some almost carb free things, and the foods to watch out for. I cook everything, so I have to look up, add and figure out how many carbs are in each meal per serving. Surprisingly you can actually have alot of stuff. I Google alot, with any questions I had. I was able to keep my levels down with diet, so they said I can cut down on testing, don’t need medication, and just keep on the diet. If you’re levels continue to be high, you could end up developing type 2 diabetes later on( it said 50% of ladies with gd end up with type 2 within 10 years), it can make the baby very large, and increase the complications with birth, as well as a higher chance of being born still born, or the baby being born with type 2 diabetes and don’t being able to regulate its blood sugar. My baby has been measuring a month larger than she should be( for a little over a month now) so they are doing an ultrasound to see exactly how big she is.

I also heard that if you have it while your pregnant your at higher risk of getting full blown diabetes later in life.

I had it and didnt know. And my dr never restested even whn i said i felt off. My baby was an oz off 10 lbs. She was so big but her lungs were underdeveloped and she cdnt breathe and didnt cry when she came out. Just grunted :frowning: it was scary. I also had an absurd amount of amniotic fluid.