What do people think about a pregnancy photoshoot?

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I had it done with my third and final a year ago. I absolutely loved it. Wore amazing ball gown type dresses. Made me feel absolutely beautiful in a time of feeling like a swollen, wobbling walrus. They were all in good taste and I do not regret my decision one bit. It’s not for everyone but my personal experience I wouldn’t change a thing and it boosted my confidence.

I did my daughters shot. It’s real depends on your own personal feelings about it. Hers wasn’t anything sexual. Just her, her baby bump. You can use some of the photos for in you baby book. Also to look back to when you try telling your child how big you got when you were pregnant with them.


It seems very personal. I understand doing it for yourself, but I don’t understand publishing the photos for all the world to see as they seem very intimate.


I think fewer people are interested in seeing them than you think. I’d rather have a picture of the family after the baby is born; I’m not going to hang a picture of the belly on my wall. It’s certainly your decision, but don’t go crazy on them.


I never did with any of my 4 pregnancies, but that’s just me. To each their own.

I wouldn’t do it but I have seen some great ones.

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I like it, my pregnant fiancé doesn’t. Lol

Tastefully done, and keep it within the family

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How bout you do whatever the f makes you happy, and to hell with what anyone else thinks?


That is an absurd question.

That’s a question only you can answer :slightly_smiling_face:

Your money your decision.


What A dumb QUESTION💗

I had them done this past weekend with my boyfriend. I included rainbow and my first sons footprint. Maternity rainbow baby photos. If someone wants pictures done, let them. They may have a sentimental reason.

Who cares? You didn’t do anything special everybody can do the same thing. Nothing special

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Why should it matter to anyone but the parents of the baby?!?

I did that when I was pregnant with my daughter

Do whatever makes you happy it’s not hurting anyone else for you to celebrate your blessings!!!

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It’s a personal choice but shouldn’t be on social network…it’s a private thing in my opinion