What do they do for anxiety in children?

Does anyone have experience dealing with a young child with anxiety? My daughter gets it pretty bad. She’s only 8. She’s scared of everything. She can’t sleep at night. She needs to be told often that she’s loved. Her whole body is always itchy. We’re taking her to a therapist, but I was just wondering if anyone has dealt with this before. Do doctors prescribe meds for anxiety at this age?

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I would do a kids cbd oil before meds and maybe try a kids weighted blanket for night time. And continue therapy


My son is super anxious. Fears a lot of things, very cautious boy. He refused to get onto the bus for school last year… he said he felt like he couldn’t breath while on the bus. What helped and has continued to help him are Halls (minty things you’d suck on for a sore throat), they aren’t medicinal so our doctor said great! I did a lot of research for relaxation techniques and have found some that work for him. You just need to find what works for your daughter

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My daughter has Autism, Epilepsy, OCD, ADHD and Anxiety. it consumed her life and it got to the point that we could not leave our home. Her Dr. Suggested Prozac because she was so severe. I was desperate to help her so I agreed. It was her godsend and saving grace. 7 days later, I had the child back that I lost an entire year earlier. Once she was stable (after about 6 months) we switched her to zoloft and she’s maintained her anxiety and OCD ever since. She was 8 when this peaked and she is now 15 living her best life!


My son has anxiety and was prescribed Vistaril antihistamine for it. He has specific triggers, though (medical procedures and social situations). I have given it to him twice before anxiety inducing events and it seemed to help - he didn’t vomit like he had a few times before the medicine.

My little sister is the same since I can remember and she is also 8 and scared of everything you can possibly think of and my mom has told doctors about it . I think she will grow out of it . They never told my mom nothing

My daughter’s been treated for Anxiety since she was 6. They tried her on Prozac first. Wasn’t helping all that much. We recently got Genesight testing done that showed that was the wrong drug for her, and she was a CYP450 2D6 poor metabolizer. So we switched to Zoloft.

Short answer, yes they can and do prescribe medication treatment for anxiety in children. It’s more common than you think.

My daughter have ptsd, anxiety, and depression if you ever need someone to talk to.

Currently going through this process as well… Miss 9 has mega anxiety and have tried ALL the tips and tricks (meditation, sensory toys etc)). Now on Melatonin to aid sleep, and currently waiting to see a therapist. She was always anxious and a clinger (sleep and school) but Covid made her returning to school near impossible :unamused:
We have no diagnosis yet (although school counsellor has already suggested mild depression on top of anxiety) so no advice on meds, but if that’s a road we have to take we are ready.
Also free to chat if you need… its a horrible feeling as a Mumma to not be able to help/sooth your child and totally can drain us too. Your doing great Mumma x

Might also be a tic disorder like my son has. A neurologist diagnosed it.

Try kid yoga. My daughter does it at school. They have videos all over YouTube you can check out. My daughter has autism as well as anxiety and I try to bring her down a notch through breathing techniques.

I grew up like this. I mostly was just told I was ridiculous growing up so I suppressed a lot of my problems. I’d say maybe let her know that her feelings are valid, but also encourage her to not let her mental health hold her back, ever! From anything!

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Good on you for addressing this!! I had lots of trouble with anxiety and depression from the time I was very young and it was always dismissed as seeking attention. I’ve always been very loved but anxiety and depression is definitely still very prevalent in my life in adulthood as well. I often wonder if it was addressed at a younger age if it would be easier now. You are definitely doing the right thing :heart:


Deffiantly c.b.d oil it might take a bit of time to show it works but its the best thing for her

My son Has had Adhd , sever Depression an anxiety and social anxiety and panic attacks ( he got the depression an both anxieties and panic attacks from being bullied at school ) he’s been on Zoloft since 7 and concerta and a sleeping meds now and he is 14 it’s been a hard road but worked the most is my son’s Mentor he is awesome maybe ask the dr about getting one .

My daughter is 7 and has general and social/separation anxiety plus adhd. Zoloft has been a huge help in the anxiety department we also do a very small amount of cbd honey sticks for bed.

I first tried therapy, essential oils and cbd, when that didn’t help her doctor prescribed low does meds.

Yes they can get medicine at this age my daughter has it and she gets medicine for it.

Cut out junk food, sugar reduced, balanced meals, regular schedule,…


Are there any other issues…My Niece has an anxiety based condition called Pda(Pathological Demand Avoidance) Which is a part of Autism spectrum disorder…She is highly anxious can get angry when anxious and can lash out…Even every day demands like get dressed can be too much…It can appear she is cheeky at times but her behaviour is down to anxiety overload…Im not saying your child has this but its worth a read up…Especially if there are other issue with the anxiety