What do you do to keep toys organized?

Alright, ladies, I need some ideas on the toy organization. What do y’all do to keep it organized? I don’t have a spare room, and I’m wondering how to keep things in their rightful place with a toddler. My OCD is killing me. Lol. I bought cube storage and mesh bags to keep things together, but over time, shit just got all messed up. I’m so close to just returning the cube storage and just using his toy box solely… even for his smallest of toys.


Unfortunately, things are going to get messed up as he’s a toddler. My sister used to always get the plastic storage drawer carts for my nieces to organize all their barbies and when it got messed up she would just fix it. They’re kids. It’s going to happen. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I have the cube storage and also use plastic bins with covers from Walmart. And also can do wall shelving to keep some other items up out of the way.

We put everything in 1 toy box in each kids room and I have a small one for baby toys in the livingroom for our 8 month old. Our 2 yr old daughter and 3 yr old son have similar toys i quit sorting their toys now who’s ever room the toy is in at the time it goes in that toy box :rofl: we have so many toys

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I try to encourage 1 bin out at a time, when done you put it away. And not all my toys are available. I rotate every 3 months.


I have 2 toy boxes for my daughter

It’s really easy… you don’t. My youngest is 7. I’ve tried to organize her clothes and toys so many times and I’ve just given up. I’ll ask where her shoes are and she will get in the toy box. It’s a losing battle.

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I have no extra space for toys to be all over the place. Have bookshelf with cube storage for all the toys in the living room. Its cute and so convenient!!

Garbage bags :joy::rofl: I give my kids 20 mins and if any are still out they get tossed, this happens months before Xmas.

Take pictures of what goes in a box and help him. It takes a lot of time and patience but he will get it. Preschool teacher here. Totally understand!

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Get a toy box with a lid so you can close it and dont have to see it?

Its to much hassle. I gave up. Lol toys just go in whatever container they put them in. Lol

I have a toy box in the living room and one in her room. Whatever box is closest is where the toy goes when we clean up. She will help before bed most nights but otherwise whichever box is closest for me to chunk it in while sweeping lol🤣 its legit not gotten better and i dont expect it to for a few more years. I get hyped when she helps…lol not many 2yrs old help ive been told. There isnt really a way to oragnize em. Cleaning them up signals their tiny brains to play with it that instant lop

I have one box for all my daughter toys why because she mixes everything up :joy: toddlers are the worst about oh look hole lets shove this in there and see if momma can find it :joy:

Split all toys into 3 boxes. Put 2 away where they can’t find them. Every few months rotate the boxes. New toys for them, less mess for you. Win/win

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I have a toy box in the livingroom, whatever travels out of the bedroom goes in it. When its full or about once a week I move everything back to the bedroom. I have one toy box in their room for toys that they play with a lot, and one in their closet for toys that don’t get much love. Other than barbies and drawing stuff, everything just put in one of those boxes. About once a month I go through their toys and throw out anything broken or unplayed with, and towards the holidays and birthdays I get rid of pretty much anything I haven’t seen them touch in a month or more.

I have OCD too and I totally understand lol

For those who don’t have OCD, it’s not something you can ignore. It’s like having tiny fires all around the house.

I have toy boxes in every single room :joy: I also have a toy bin in their room. It’s takes everything to not organize the toys, but it also helps a lot to have toy boxes everywhere where I can throw them in and have them out of sight.

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We pick up as soon as the room gets overly messy, and we show them where the toys go. Blocks in this drawer, books in this one. And after doing it for awhile and showing them, they can now actually help, so it makes cleanup alot easier. And it keeps all the toys together.

when we had to many toys I put half up every 6 months trade feels like christmas much easier to clean with less good luck

Throw them in the kids room and shut the door.