What do you keep in your fridge?

Hello, mamas! I have a two-year-old daughter and my husband. I have my pantry stocked and am good at finding snacks. My problem is keeping stuff in the fridge, what do you all keep in your fridges!?!?


Like for quick easy things? Like grab and go?

Sandwich meat
Cheese sticks
Fresh fruits
Fresh veggies
Shredded cheese
Pickled veggies
Boiled eggs
Fresh eggs
Brita water pitcher
Sliced cheese
Orange juice
Apple juice


Chicken or tuna salad, pasta salad, yogurt, fruits, pickles, different cheeses, hummus, applesauce, hard boiled eggs! I also freeze yogurt sometimes add fruit to make popsicles the little loves them!!

Ham, butter, chocolate bars, grapes, cheese spread, cucumber and other salad stuff. Vegetables. That kind of thing I keep for my 21 month old and I xx

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I remember those days… thinking why do people have fridges…lol… now I need 2. I keep fruits and fruit cups, yogurts, jello, cheese, milk, juice, cream cheese, condiments, butter, sandwich meats, eggs, pickles

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Lots of yogurt
Kids love fresh guac so plenty of those ingredients lol

Yogurt, cheese, fruit. We put s little tube in the door for my daughter when she was little and I’d put a few things in it each day and she knew she could get whatever out of it on her own.

String cheese, yogurt or gogurt, fruit like cuties or halos, sandwich meats, shredded cheese, eggs,

Prepped fruit, like berries washed and cut up if necessary (strawberries), string cheese, cut up and washed veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, yogurts, yogurt smoothies, cut up cheese and sausage.

Milk, water,tea, margarine, condiments, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, oranges,t.v. dinners, sliced cheese, bologna and hot dogs.

Mine love deviled egg sandwiches, hard boiled eggs peeled and washed, string cheese and I use sandwich size ziplock baggies to make fruit packs and veggie packs. They also have sugar free pudding bc they don’t like yogurt.

I have a small fridge that I keep stocked with snacks and drinks for the kids. Freezer contains Gogurts, fridge has juice, cheese, and ham cubes. I taught them over the years to eat if hungry but not because of boredom.

Fruit, lunchables, cheese sticks, yogurts, drinkable yogurts, go gurts in the freezer as well, juice boxes.

Butter, milk, eggs, half-and-half for my coffee, condiments like pickles, mayo, ketchup, etc. Everything else is yogurt, cheese (blocks, deli slices and sticks), greens for salads plus salad dressings, baby carrots and celery sticks, fruit like apples and grapes or melons, deli ham and turkey for sandwiches, plus leftovers. Canned or boxed drinks.


Anything you normally eat that needs to be kept cold…???
Milk, half & half, eggs, cheese, butter, yogurt, some produce items, some condiments.


Aldi’s juice packs for toddlers, apples, blue berries, buttternut crackers, pop corn. Also peanut butter and 12 grain bread. American cheese, not prossesed. Banana’s and pickles and hard boiled eggs.

Mostly fruit kids don’t need to constantly snack all day

Easy to go stuff besides the staples, string cheese, lunch meat, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, fruit cups, cherry tomatoes, cream cheese, applesauce…

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Blueberries/raspberries/blackberries, cheese sticks and/cubes, meat sticks, Ice bottled drinks, and salad mix for a start.