What do you tell your kids to call their private parts?

Okay, so do other moms prefer “code names” for their kid’s private areas. I just call it exactly what it is vagina or penis I typically say private parts. But I just don’t think I should call it the bird the frog the cookie or whatever. I feel like it causes confusion. Other opinions


Call it as they are!

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Penis and vagina aren’t bad words! Kids should know the proper name of their body parts.

When my son was smaller we called it his downstairs but since he was about 4 we started using correct terms. It’s so much better for them to use correct terms.

I tell my kids the correct names for there body parts.

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My daughter knows the name for her lady parts. I make sure she knows so if ever something happens and she tries to tell an adult, we’ll know what she’s talking about.


We say vagina and penis as well.

I went w/private parts until I knew they wouldn’t shout it out in public :joy:


No. It’s a penis and a vagina.

We teach them the proper word. My 2 yr old boy knows he has a penis. I worry that if anything were to happen no one would understand

I use penis and vagina as well. I have five kids and I don’t want to ever misunderstand something they try to tell me or for a teacher to not understand if they need to tell them something.

I say private parts and explain it’s not to be looked at or touched by anyone but them. If you call it something like cookie and they are being sexually abused then when they tell someone that person won’t realize what they are talking about. Like my uncle touched or ate my cookie wouldn’t make a teacher realize they were being abused.


Call it what it is. Don’t dumb down for your kids. They need to know.


From a medical standpoint, it’s actually better to call body parts exactly what they are and not make up cute nicknames for them. If a child comes in and says they are having pain on their kitty cat, it takes longer to get to the bottom of things and causes less stress and confusion for the child as well as the physican.


I always use the clinical terms.

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I say Vagina and Penis as well.

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Pediatrician always said to use proper terms God forbid there is an incident


Oh no. We say penis and vagina. My son calls it a pee pee and I always feel the need to correct him

I use the actual words. If you use “code words” it might be misunderstood if the child tries to explain something. I always refer back to the story of the little girl saying “my uncle ate my cookie” and the little girl told that to the teacher. The teacher didn’t know the little girl meant her vagina. The teacher didn’t know the little girl had been sexually molested. So it was definitely confusing for the teacher once she realized what happened

It does cause confusion! A child needs to know how to address their private parts so that if anything were to happen, an adult would know they were talking about their vagina rather than a cookie