What do you want for Christmas?

What do you wish for yourself from hubby for Christmas? At a loss, and hubs keeps asking!


I want a cricket machine so I can make pretty things

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Don’t have a spouse, so I’m getting my own gifts for Christmas. Everything I’m buying myself is stuff to make every day life easier (home good stuff such as a new mop, vacuum, etc).


Happiness for myself and those I love.

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A normal house (we had a hurricane)

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I asked for a new winter coat- a waist length one

A couple books that are on my list to read, maybe a couple new sweaters, and I’m getting the entire interior of my house painted next week! LOL! Oh, the things that excite us when we get older…

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I always ask for kitchen stuff but we are a household of 6 so I cook a ton and always want nice new non stick cookware and nice storage containers lol we usually do personalized gifts too like we’ve done a blanket, wallet, coin, necklaces, bracelets, I have a pandora charm bracelet so charms for that

The last few years my husband has gotten me an annual subscription to FabFitFun and I love it!

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I asked for a set of books (missing 411), a purse that matches my my Coach wallet :owl: and an ice coffee maker! Because I’m a mom and ice coffee is life so I’ll take that over anything else I asked for :joy:

Hmm ooo maybe a forever rose. Or like something that has flowers that last like a year or two. I have a few of those. Or maybe have him order you something that’s made just for you, like personalized picture frame or shirt or something cute & fun :slightly_smiling_face:

I asked for a pair of fur-lined Crocs (my 3rd pair…the other 2 have been worn out) and a floor lamp.

We always buy something for the house together.

Do you have an Amazon wishlist (or target etc?) Show him that and tell him to surprise you

A massage and a pony. Same thing I’ve asked for since I was 4, the pony not the massage :joy:

I want jewelry, i dont want something practical, i always do practical stuff. I want something for me. I always think way to hard and care about others too much i need to also do something for me as well.

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Home Depot, IKEA gift cards lol

Honestly we don’t do gift gifts. usually we just do a day trip to a big town a couple hours away and eat at a couple nice restaurants and go shopping. I would rather have time together than stuff

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I dont tell him. I hold myself up to this also, for all my family. I need to be paying attention all year long. To the new adventures they love, the kind of book they are reading, when they get frustrated at something so I can see if there is something to help. When they ask to borrow something, we laugh at something together, something they are proud of and I can enhance by…something that broke, or hobby they need things for, a task that would be easier if they had…I feel like that’s love and consideration. If we live together and neither of us listened or paid attention all year long to the others needs in whatever form, we shouldnt be together.

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I have a long list this year lol clothes, shoes, jewelry, book, i want eyelash lift and tint, ect. normally I don’t tell him what I want bc I’d rather him put some thought into it makes it more special to me BUT my number one request this year is FAMILY PICTURES!!!

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