What does a low platelet count mean?

I’ve been dealing with pain and swelling in my upper spine/lower neck area. I went to the doctor, and they did X-rays, and all was okay with that. So they did bloodwork and scheduled me for an MRI. Well, today, I got my bloodwork back, and I have high MCHC, low platelet count, and high GRAN %. Does anyone know what that could mean? I won’t see my doctor till next week, but the google search results are freaking me out. I already have other medical issues I’m dealing with, so this is even scarier. I have high liver enzymes; I just finished hep C treatment. I have PCOS, bipolar disorder type 2, PTSD, and anxiety. Any insight about what could be going on with my neck or my bloodwork would be much appreciated. I’m just trying to ease my nerves or know if I should be worried or not.


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Take a deep breath. Our platelet count can go up and down for lots of reasons. Not all of the reasons are horrible. My dads count goes up and down depending on his dialysis that we do every night. Sometimes it can be a reaction to stress or maybe a medication.
It’s good that they see it. Now they can figure out what to do to fix it!
Oh yeah…STAY OFF OF THE INTERNET!!! It’ll always take you to the worst case scenario!

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It’s mental health month, she’s probably trying to help people who doesn’t have anybody to talk to or are afraid to open up to those who are around them. It’s her page, she can do what she wants with it so :woman_shrugging:t2:


I had low platelets, it ended up being ITP. They tried steroids to fix it, that didn’t work. I had my spleen removed and now my platelet levels are back to normal.

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This is supposed to be a page about nails! No one here is qualified to diagnose your medical problems or your dysfunctional relationships!


Seriously talk to your doctor.

Means your not able to form clots due to low level

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You should ask elsewhere not a nail page

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This page had to have been hacked

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I have low platelets too. Be careful you don’t cut yourself and watch your bleeding. Not to scare you. But I live with them. Went to the Dr. Pregnancy caused mine. I had blood transfusions after I gave birth. They said I could do meds but really unless I had a surgery or another baby then not to stress about it. I’m sure it’s different for everyone. Years after the babies I still have low platelets.


Doctors called mine Gilbert’s syndrome and have advised that the platelets just get kept an eye on. No medication was talked about and no other issues surrounding the low count, just that bleeding from a cut takes a bit longer to clot/stop.

It means if you get cut or get open sores the platelets which is the clear liquid that help you stop bleeding will take long for you to stop bleeding and could possibly lead to blood loss and may need a blood transfusion. Is say take Vitron C Which is Iron and Vitamin C which helps absorb Iron. Which helps platelets. I’m a Proud Triple Platelet Dinor through Red Cross :hospital:

Best consult your physician not FB or the internet.


Talk to your doctors. They will tell you what the tests mean.

Platelets help you heal when you get a cut, bruise, etc… i had something called (ITP) my platelet count was the 2nd lowest they had ever seen. I went threw a series of tests and treatments ( blood transfusions, steroids) only thing that ended up working was removing my spleen. There are so many different causes and alot of them tend to fix themself. Best thing you can do is chat with your doctor and get information specific to whats going on with you! Good luck :blush:

Low platelets can be a problem with the spleen related to your liver disease

I have a platelet disorder called ITP I had my spleen removed when I was a child . I live a perfectly healthy life , it doesn’t tend to affect me much .

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Platelet count is usually from 150 up to 450… sometimes we can have a temporary low or a high… if it was an issue? You doctor would have contacted you. So don’t worry to much… your next test could be normal…