What does a miscarriage at 4 weeks look like

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like a really bad period

It’s different for every one. I had 3 of them at that stage. My first one I didn’t even know I was pregnant. I thought I was having my period. Until the baby came out while I was using the bathroom. Second one was just bleeding and some blood clots. And I went to Dr and again must’ve past the baby because my uterus was empty. 3rd very heavy bleeding and sent home for my body to pass baby. Went back a week later for ultrasound and baby was gone. And all 3 I had no pain what so ever. Just bleeding like I was on my period.

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Often it will be a heavy and painful period like event with clotting.

A flowing cycle that last about 7 plus days. I have had 3 less then 12 weeks. Then one at 16 weeks, twins. Much more intense as I went into labor. Bleed about 2 weeks.

Like a heavy period for me

It was bloody i was violently throwing up and the embryo ended up comming out :confused: something ill never forget

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Heavy period… it’ll be like you’re passing a huge clot with lots of cramping.