What does a miscarriage look like pictures

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It varies depending on how far alone in the pregnancy your in.

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A lot of bleeding. A LOT more than a hard menstruation cycle. With varying sizes of clots.

You’ll see what would look like large blood lots and a lot of blood .


Very uncomfortable bleeding feeling like you have to poop cramping blood clots. It varies in every woman

If you think you could be having one or have had one, seek medical attention. About half of women having one will need a D&C. For some, you need to make sure the miscarriage is complete so you won’t have complications.


Please seek medical attention. Better to be safe.

Pressure. Pain. It’s always best to see a doctor asap.

It’s worse than a period get to a doc asap

Just cause I feel something more in this post. Please just seek medical attention.


Do you want pictures. I dont want to offend Facebook. 🤦I just got out of jail for a highly less offensive topic…


Regardless PM and Im sure I have images. I went to get a bath and like people said I just started gushing blood. Next thing I know I pass a decent clot. The bleeding was uncontrollable.

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Google can answer this…?


Please seek medical treatment. As one woman stated you may have to have a D&C which will prevent any complications. Plus if untreated you may end up unable to carry a pregnancy, become septic, etc.


If it’s bigger than a quarter, go see a doc. It’s probably the remains. Early pregnancy anyway. :disappointed:

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You’ll know when you pass it. I didn’t have any pain or discomfort, just felt a gush of liquid (blood) one night. I ran to the bathroom and out came tissue the size of my hand with a small clear sac in it. I lost my baby at 8 weeks old. It’s too graphic to post.

Go to er. Be safe. They will get u what is needed, may need d&c. Let the drs tell u. Ur health is important.


my baby only made it to like 7 weeks so it was like a really long blood clot with some hard stuff(most likely the baby) in the middle of it. but if you think you’re having one, you need to go to the ER so they make sure everything is cleaned out and you don’t catch an infection and have other complications!

Ask google images or go straight to hospital??

Looking for pics & a girl offering her pics wow wtf :flushed: