What does it mean when the step parent doesn't acknowledge their step child?

What does it mean if the stepmom never acknowledges her spouse’s kid? Does everything great her own kid, but doesn’t consider the other. Doesn’t even come to their home for special occasions or anything. This kid is like a nobody to them. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around it for years now. This kid is now 14 years old. Everyone says the stepmom is fake & is an ugly person, and I agree. what are some reasons for you to not acknowledge your spouse’s child(ren)? I say none. If you cannot love and accept their kids, have no business with them. So tell me your reasons, do you have any?


Jealousy, being petty, or straight up a hole. This is something the husband should deal with. Poor kid.


He never should have married her.


At the end of the day that’s how she is a ugly person . But is she the problem ? Mmm not really it’s the dad who chooses who is going to be in he’s life and he’s kids . And if he knows about her way of being then it’s not all her it’s the dad .


Deff jealously or shitty soul in my opinion, if I had a partner and he showed he wouldnt treat my boy as his own I would tell him to fuk off tbh.

It’s mean that she is childish, petty bitch! And this child’s father should NEVER allow this to happen!

Its both the dads and stepmoms fault. The dad should want sum1 to love their child like they do.

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Are you sure the dad didn’t tell her to be that way with them? Sounds so dysfunctional

I’d say jealousy, that’s how I saw it with my stepmom

Lots of emotions on this one.

  1. It takes a strong unselfish good person to love someone else’s kids.
  2. If you can’t be that person move on… kids need to feel wanted in their home.

I son’s dad has a new baby with a girl who does this. Drives me nuts.

What does it mean? It means they’re an asshole and it’s time for a divorce.

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I try my best and always have to make my stepson ( bonus son ) feel just as special as my own bio children, I’ve always made it a point to make his birthdays about him and go all out I’ve been in his life since he was 21/2 and have known him his whole life! at first it was rough because I didnt know how to parent another person’s child but as the years went by we learned and we have a great bond, of course I domt overstep and he does has his mom in his life but I always make sure he knows I’m here too just like mom and dad :purple_heart:

My kid’s dad gf has bullied and treated my kids like crap. They want nothing to do with her. She tried attacking me at one of my daughter’s functions.

He just turned 8 in feb 1st.

My ex’s wife had major animosity towards our daughter. He even talked about it.
She was basically jealous of the relationship our daughter had with her daddy.

She also had a daughter- who moved out because they had such a toxic relationship.
It’s sad, but it happens.

It makes me so mad :rage: and very sad for the kids


She doesn’t sound fake. She sounds like a woman who doesn’t care to take care of someone else’s kid and doesn’t bother hiding it regardless of everyone else having a fit about it.


I’m wondering why the dad hasn’t dumped her? Nobody comes before my kids. Sorry not sorry

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She’s a horrible person.