What does it mean when you are meausuring small while pregnant?

Has anyone been told that they measured small when pregnant? I’m 27 weeks and was told today that I only measure at 23 weeks. They scheduled me for an ultrasound in 2 days, but I’m so nervous. Has anyone been through this? What were u told? What was the issue?


It can be just the fluid level or how the baby is laying, i was measuring 2 weeks behind until I hit 30 weeks then I all of a sudden measured a week ahead, but the ultrasound is a good way to just make sure

I was told this with my daughter and she and I were both totally ok! They just moved my due date further out and then she ended up coming on her original due date anyway.

My last son measured small the whole time. They said near my due date he was only measuring to be about 4lbs. They set induction up on August 2nd at 8am but on August 2nd at 4am he came by himself. He measured at 5lbs 7oz and hasn’t stopped growing. He is currently2 years old and 8lbs lighter than his 5 year old brother

I measured big with my 2nd and he came right on time and was 7lbs and my last I was measuring small and she was born at 40wks and was my biggest at 7lbs 2oz

Its called IUGR. I’ve been diagnosed 2xs. Both times baby was just small but super healthy. They should do weekly ultrasounds to keep an eye on the placenta and to make sure the umbilical cord is working right. My due date was never put off. In fact I was induced at 39w with my 5th for fear of placenta failing and repeat c-section with my 7th at 37w4d because my bo was high and I was spilling protein. My 5th weighed 5lbs 10oz (I was told that was like a 36weeker and she had no butt, looked like twigs coming out of a back. No fat basically) and my 7th weighed 6lbs 3oz. I think my 3rd would have been considered IUGR too because he was my smallest baby born at 37w 5lbs 1oz.

I’m measuring small currently at 33weeks. They want to induce me at 38weeks but I want to wait out and go naturally :sweat::pensive:

I measured small with all 3 of my kids. You could barely tell I was pregnant even in the 9th month. My babies were all over 6 lbs too. Don’t worry.

With my middle child I measured small, I also was so sick I did not gain one pound during pregnancy, instead pre pregnancy weight to post birth weight I had lost nearly 56 pounds. It is just a measurement of the baby bump, nothing to be too concerned about there are women out there that deliver healthy 9 pound babies that never look pregnant never get the “watermelon belly” there are also women who look huge far bigger than they should yet post birth are close to normal. Each body is different each pregnancy is different, they are only using averages with those measurements.

My oldest measured small the whole pregnancy but then at my 39 week ultrasound they told me he dropped a pound in a week. They scheduled me to be induced 2 days later. Turns out he was bigger than they measured the whole time. :woman_shrugging: It’s all guess work.

IUGR my youngest weighed 4lbs 5oz born full term completely healthy just tiny. Stopped growing at 32weeks.

My second daughter measured small up until she was born and even then was small. We simply went in every few weeks to make sure she wasn’t restricted. Meanwhile, I was eating protein as much as I could. She measures normally still at 20 months in 80 and 90 percentiles.

Your baby is maybe just smaller

Means nothing. I was small the whole time with my daughter and she came out fine. Came on her own at 39w and weighed over 7 pounds!

I measured small with my eldest, he was 9lb9oz

yes, it’s just how i carried my pregnancy. they got me so anxious i cried thinking i was doing something wrong and hurting my baby. he was perfectly healthy. :blush:

It could mean a lot of things. The ultrasound will give more answers and your midwife/ob will give you a better idea of what is going on and what to expect.

Intrauterine Growth Restriction is one possibility

I measured small with my two boys, my little girl I’m currently measuring big with. Ultrasound is just to double check fluids, baby etc. I wouldn’t be too worried. My 1st was born on his due date and was 6 pounds 2 ounces, 2nd was a week early and he was 7 pounds 7 ounces. Measurements aren’t always ideal that’s why they have you have ultrasound which honestly isn’t always on point either! They told me 3 days before my 2nd was born he was 5 pounds 2 ounces… he didn’t grow 2 pounds in 3 days!

I measured big. They always told me I was a week ahead. My son ended up being “5 weeks early” they go by your last period but it’s not an exact science. If what they say is true about the baby gaining a pound a week in the last month I would’ve given birth to a 10 pound baby. So who knows. My son was healthy despite being so early. You’ll get more answers at your ultrasound but try to remember your due date is just an estimate based on your last period. Good luck!