What does nonbinary mean?

My 13-year-old granddaughter has come out and said she is nonbinary. I am confused about what that means and how do I help her not to feel that she is not loved for being true to who she is. Is anyone else have someone they love going through this. I understand being gay and transgender. But nonbinary is new to me. Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can give me.


I don’t fully understand it (I think it’s that the person doesn’t identify as either a male or female). But kudos to you for wanting to understand so you can support them!


Non binary means they do not identity as female or male so do not use she/her pronouns. Use they/them/their or their name when addressing them


I don’t have any advice, but I want to say what an amazing grandma you are! :heart::heart:


I don’t really know what it is but thank you for accepting your granddaughter no matter what! :heart: Talk with her about it to help you understand.


I believe it means she doesn’t identify as a male or female, talk with her about it and tell her you want to support her and to know how to do it the way that she would like. I’m sure she will be happy to tell you more.


Talk to them about how they want to be reffered to. Granddaughter or grandchild. Or grandson. They may change. Nonbinary is basically neither male nor female. They are them.

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It makes my heart happy to know that you’re reaching out advice on how to make them feel accepted. You’re an amazing grandma for making that effort!


Totally worth a Google search for you, or purchasing of a book. And oh - telling her you love her no matter what for being true to who they are.


Congratulations. To you for being an awesome grandmother & excepting your grandchild for who they are.


First ask them their Pro-noun… my child has chosen they or them…


My little sister is nonbinary, just support them, and it’s ok to ask them what they would like to be pronounced as.


It means they don’t identify as a specific gender. They may identify as neither or both.

But the best thing to do is have this discussion with your daughter. Ask her what this means to her? What pronouns you should use? What you can do to support her? She’ll appreciate the open discussion and acceptance sooo much.


Always support, no matter what. Maybe sit down together and ask your grand baby to explain it to you. That way you will understand it from your grandbabies perspective.


Sit and talk to her about her feelings and how she identifies with herself. Your an awesome grandma

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We can tell you til we’re blue in the face what the textbook definitions are but I think your best bet is to just ask them what they need from you and have them explain it from their perspective :hugs: you got this!!


At 13,these days…who knows what it means. They’re trying to find themselves&wanting to feel excepted by others. They have no idea which way to turn. We can only be there for them


It means they don’t identify solely as one gender or the other and don’t stick to strict gender expectations. It also means they may bounce between being more feminine one day to more masculine another. Sit down with your grandchild and ask about things like pronouns, expectations from the grandchild, ask questions you may have, and to remind them that you are always there for them. I commend you for being such a supportive grandparent and being so understanding. I see so many people judging or being critical and it breaks my heart. You are an amazing grandparent and your grandchild is amazing for being brave enough to be true to their self.


Non-binary (also spelled nonbinary) or genderqueer is a spectrum of gender identities that are not exclusively masculine or feminine‍—‌identities

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They generally use pronounce such as they them instead of him or her

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