What does your family do on Christmas Eve?

How do you mamas spend Christmas Eve with your families? For the first time ever, my husband doesn’t have to work on Christmas Eve. We are trying to come up with things for us to do all day with our daughter. At night we will watch a movie, make reindeer food, put out cookies for Santa, and track Santa. Need ideas for during the day please!!


We always have a our friendsmas Christmas Eve morning/day and do brunch style put luck with a few games. So fun!!!

We bake cookies, decorate a gingerbread house and in the evening we open our stockings, the kids get new pajamas, we drink hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie (we’re watching Elf this year).

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Christmas Eve we’re making cookies, watching Christmas movies, eating pizza and opening up stocking presents

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We do a Christmas box for each kid

Hot coco socks jammies and a candy make popcorn and watch a movie this year we rented the croods 2


Our elf leaves a Christmas Eve box for our daughter with new Christmas pajamas, hot cocoa, a movie and a lego set or a game. We spend the day in jammies, play games or do puzzles together then make snacks and sit down to the new movie. After that is done, we get cookies and milk ready for Santa and get to bed so Santa can come

wTch movies, play lots of games

We watch movies make reindeer food , and eat munchies my MIL comes and we open her presents that night

Our plans for the day/night:
Christmas Eve dinner
Polar express
Call Santa and track
Make and pour reindeer food
Make fresh cookies for Santa
Call family/friends who live out of state
Color Christmas printouts for Santa
Christmas book

and all of that will take up most of our day. Might do a scavenger hunt also!

I’m putting together a scavenger hunt for my kiddos tomorrow, with a small surprise at the end. We are also making ornaments and cookies.

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Watch national lampoon Christmas and making home made pizza. Satisfying pizza and a laugh to wash it down with :cat::socks:

We have always had a nice brunch on Christmas Eve then they open gifts that night. We leave milk and cookies for Santa and in the morning we do stockings and they each have 1 gift from Santa to open

We make cookies and decorate them, make a handprint ornament out of doh to paint and go to Christmas Eve church service(not going this year)

We are going to have hot cocoa, make cookies for Santa, watch the elf and go look at Christmas lights

Gingerbread houses. Paper snowflakes. Bake cookies. Board games

My family does Christmas Eve boxes! New jammies, movies, hot chocolate and popcorn! We’ve been doing it for 4 yrs now and my kiddos love it

Bake/decorate cookies, handmade decorations, go sledding ( this is our first year without snow in over 10 years🙁) watch Christmas movie, just anything as a family. My parents come stay the night, I do lasagna for dinner, we leave carrots,cookies, and milk out. Each kid gets to open 1 present early, and then we do a night before Christmas box for each kid( Christmas PJs, Christmas cup, coco, popcorn, and either a Christmas book or move) and then we read Christmas books before bed

Write a Christmas story as a family. Each person adds one sentence to the one before. It can lasts for hours if not days even! Make some fudge together and cookies and other food and desserts for Christmas so it’s done before the big rush of Christmas Day. Draw santa a map if you’re into that. From the chimney to the tree. Let the kids decide where he has to go to get to the tree. Go online and watch Santa read Christmas stories.

Our elf brings the kids new pjs, a cocoa mug, Cocoa, a popcorn tin, and a new Christmas movie. This year I am off so we are doing 2 movies. We are going to do Christmas with my boyfriends family for a little during the day as well. This year I ordered lego ornament sets (you build the set and it goes in a clear ornament) other than that you could make a gingerbread house that could take up time.