What dry shampoo do you use?

Moms with thin hair, like super thin hair- what dry shampoo do you use? Do you wash your hair every day? Sometimes I can go every other day without washing my hair, but that all depends if I have bed head (which is impossible to style out)


I wash my hair once a week and use Aussie or Dove dry shampoo. :two_hearts:

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I wash my hair 2-3 times per week. I use Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo.

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I use Kenra Platinum Dry Shampoo. I have to wash a few times a week. My hair gets super oily.

Baby powder, put a little pile in one hand and use your other hands fingers to work it through your roots

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None. Every one I’ve ever tried makes my hair feel disgusting. I’d rather it be oily than use dry shampoo.

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I have very thin fine hair and my hair is oily I can go one night without washing. I use a shampoo and conditioner from aldi. Works great for me

I love “Not Your Mother’s “ line of dry shampoo!
They’ve got several different kinds for all kinds of hair.

Batiste is seriously the best I’ve ever used :woman_shrugging:

Dove dry shampoo is awesome.

I know it isn’t what you asked, but my hair dresser advised me to stop using dry shampoo as apparently it can thin your hair out, so if you’re already worried about having thinner hair maybe try without the dry shampoo for a while and see if that makes a difference? :blush: I know that’s quite difficult when you have little ones as we don’t always get the time, but just thought I’d let you know :blush:

My hair is fine but I have a decent amount of it and I go three to four days before washing …I use dry shampoo two of those days usually …
Batiste brand

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Batiste has a tinted dry shampoo…love it!!

Okay so I have been experimenting with dry shampoo and I am beyond impressed with Living Proof.

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Batiste - I get it at CVS. Gives body and works really well.

I recently switched from not your mother’s brand, which I liked mostly to this, a lot lighter on my already thin hair, more scents, and no white

It’s ok to condition your hair but I don’t wash mine more than once a week

Our oldest used Dove dry shampoo after her spinal surgery. More girl couldn’t shower for 10 ten days.

I use Monat dry shampoo

Rockaholic amazing dry shampoo without the horrible smells some of them come with Shoppers and Chatters sell it