What else can I do to ensure my child gets a good nights sleep?

“Hey, mommas!! Looking for advice and recommendations. My son is 3 1/2 and always a great sleeper. We stick to a great bedtime routine, and it works well, and he always sleeps through the night. Last night he woke up at 2:30 am and came into mine and my husband’s room (which he had never done before, so it was startling, and we were scared he was hurt or sick), but he said he saw “shadows” (it was from his night light reflecting off his stuffed animals) and talked about a bad dream. He refused to lay in bed without my husband or me on the floor. He fell back asleep after a couple of hours, and I slept on his hard wooden floor the remainder of the night. On the way to pre-school, he said he expected that I’d be doing that again, and I don’t want him thinking that’s a habit. I’m going to get “good dream spray” (essential oil spray) to spray on and around his bed for “good dreams,” hoping that helps. Anyone else has any other recommendations? We do not want a habit of starting off sleeping on our bed or our room or thinking 2 am an acceptable time to wake up and play when it’s time to sleep. (Please no rude comments. A well-rested child is a happy child, and I want to avoid nightly wake ups) TIA!”


Try glow in the dark wall stickers

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So one night this happened and you’ve lost it already?


Comfort him. Cherish the moment and be there for him. Show him there is nothing there but if he wants to sleep with you after that let him bc trust me one day you will wake up and he won’t even want to acknowledge you exist and you’ll miss it


Put his pillow and blanket between you and your husbands and snuggle him…they are only little for a little while :heart: you’re their comfort zone


A well rested child isnt a happy child if the child is scared and just wants some cuddles :woozy_face: I get it, but have no advice :rofl: my 5yo and 2yo find their way to our bed every night and i honestly get sad thinking of the days when they wont do that anymore.


My daughter had some issues and I got her a big dream catcher and “monster spray” (essential oil spray) and its worked pretty well. We still have our bad nights but they are way less.

My kids dad hated having the kids crawl in bed with us. But my oldest went through a long stage of having bad dreams. I just let him come in. If they refuse to go to sleep in their own bed, then I would worry. But don’t jump the gun! Let them sleep with you if you’re comfortable with it, if not then take them back to their room and try and get them back to sleep any way you can, even if you’re camping out. Their comfort is more important than yours!

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Not being rude but i wouldn’t of left him sleep on a hard wooden floor


We got a dream catcher

I always gave my daughter a “kissing hand.” (I kiss the palm of her hands so she can put mommy’s kisses on her cheeks) She would also sleep with one of my sweaters that smelled like me.

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Honestly stole this from an episode of greys anatomy, but we sing the bad dream song!

Calpol plug in I swear by it

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I bought my son a “mommy bear”. Just any teddy that i sprayed to smell like me.

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I agree with the dream catcher and the monster spray…and if the night light is some of the problem mai a different one …and have him get a favorite toy to sleep with or a blanket…like a security blanket…

My 5yr old sucks at sleeping. I sit on his bed and reasure him that’s everything is okay, I explain to him that he needs to go back to sleep and I do too. Give him a kiss, adjust his blankets and tell him I love him and have a good rest of his sleep.

Leave a lamp on instead of just a nightlight. Get a small fish tank and set it up next to the bed. Watching fish is very relaxing and may help him go back to sleep. I will say, my son is 12 now, and what I wouldn’t give for a night of my 3 yo’s shenanigans… He HAD to fall asleep holding my hand, and when I tried to wiggle away he’d snatch my hand back and clutch it to his chest… He spent many nights in my bed, & I his. I have no regrets about this. Only wonderful memories…


Put water in spray bottle and label it as monster spray he can then use it and go back to sleep


Whiskey…puts them right to bed


We switched nightlights and got one that projected onto the ceiling. They do still come into our room but not near as often. Cherish it, he will grow out of it fast.:heart:

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