What feeding schedule should my child be on?

I know this sounds stupid, but I have an awful memory, and I cannot remember what I did with my son when he was a baby. I have a seven almost eight-month-old daughter who cants eat baby food. We don’t know why, but she gets horrible diarrhea and blisters in her diaper and just makes her miserable but with normal food shes not bad. What is the schedule for feedings once they start solids and are still drinking formula? What is the schedule to feed them both?


I recommend joining the BLW group Baby Led Weaning for Beginners & Beyond (BLWBB). There, you can find fantastic information on proper feeding schedules. I joined after my youngest started solids in addition to breastfeeding.

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We just done breakfast lunch dinner and she had bottle for bed and bottle after breakfast

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She isent ready for it

BLD and snacks in the morning and afternoon. Then a small snack before bedtime. Then the bottles.

We stuck to their normal bottle feeding schedules and fed solids mid morning and mid afternoon. Majority of their nutrition is still going to come from formula/ breastmilk until they can eat a wider variety of foods.


Formula as primary meals and follow with food for fun until 12 months.

my son was the same way!!! he ate when we ate and if hungry i gave him a bottle

They still need 24-32oz formula at 8months. I’d do 4 bottles a day 7ounces morning nap time before dinner and bedtime. You can add another few oz to cereal like weetabix or porridge in the morning after Bottle. Give a snack an hour or so later like diced fruit. Small lunch before nap. Small snack after nap. You would be surprised how much they will actually eat at this age. My boys ate loads.

Formula first always! Then breakfast/lunch/dinner and or snacks. Food before one is just for fun. Babies main nutrition is coming from the formula, the rest is more to explore and learn

I’ll add we did some BLW like letting them feed themselves diced fruit, veg, small bits of meat etc but I’d still spoon feed their cereal or beans or eggs or dinner to make sure they are getting enough

Join a LED weaning group. My pediatrician says formula should be main source of nutrients until one and food should be an add on.

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When ever they are hungry.

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I kept their regular feeding schedule and just added food between breastmilk. I did a combination of spoon feeding and blw. Food before a year old is just for an addition to their feeding. Formula or breastmilk is still their primary source of nutrition.

I think I offered food first.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Start finding a sippy cup the baby likes and transition, as soon as you can.
I put water into her bottles to help her prefer the cup.

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With my daughter I did bottle of milk or formula in the morning and gave her yogurt as a snack then bottle then a puree or yogurt as a snack before bedtime bottle. It worked for her. Look at your purees are they bought or made. She might be allergic or her stomach isn’t ready for that yet. Talk to a pediatrician or just hold off a little. Yogurt is good for the belly tho as long as its 0 sugar

I am old school and fed my babies table food way before most moms would. 3 times a day with formula at each meal and formula in between.

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Mine never ate pureed food. Started grabbing food off our plates at five months and hated pureed stuff. Too much fruit and veg will create an upset tummy. Do also get it checked out as mine has allergies to certain veg which they still have now.

Basic rules, if a baby is hungry, feed it. No matter if it’s a breast, bottle or food, feed it or you’ll see signs of failure to thrive (starvation)(then shut down and finally death.) Start with with cereals added to formula then move up from there.