What happens if the other party doesn't show to a court session?

I have a court hearing coming up for a restraining order. What happens if he doesn’t respond. And what if he did respond and filed it but never served me with his response? What happens then. I haven’t received his response yet.


I believed the other party doesn’t show, they grant you what you want. I could be wrong tho, I’m not 100% sure.


they might give them another chance to appear and if by so many times not appearing after for sure knowing they were served then you get what you want. that’s how my divorce worked and i got a permanent restraining order written into it. it took an extra 6 months to finalize because they gave him chances to appear.

Speak to your lawyer not strangers on fb. Laws are different from place to place and situation to situation. You don’t have enough details. Good luck


It could get remanded to another date or you could get what you asked for… it depends

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Usually they will give you what you ask for as long as they weren’t informed of any important reason why he didn’t show. Example (car accident, hospital, jail Ect…)

They could issue the other party a warrant for there arrest. If it’s a domestic hearing .

  1. He/she only has to file a response to the courts. He/she doesnt have to serve you with it. 2. If he/she doesnt show it is defaulted into ur favor therefore its granted.

If it’s been proved he has been served and he doesn’t show up, you will most likely be granted the order. If he is avoiding being served that could mean other alternatives might have be tried first before you are automatically granted the order.

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When I took out a restraining order on my exes son I didn’t show to court.
The police came 2 days later with paperwork, here in australia they can do it in your absence

If its custody then you are granted everything you ask for. In Canada I went through this

If he is the one who filed the restraining order and he doesn’t show up to court then his case is automatically thrown out

Depends on if you’re the one who got the restraining order and don’t show up, charges are dropped. If the restraining order is on you, then I believe it’s a contempt of court. So if the other person didn’t show up and you’re the one who got the restraining order on them, they’ll have a warrant

You will get what’s called a “Default Judgment” in most states, usually after the other party has been served with the notice to appear. You, the petitioner/plaintiff still are required to take your evidence with you to your hearing in order for the court to put it on record. So make sure you do everything the court has asked regardless if the respondent shows up.

Usually you are granted the request.

If he doesn’t show up or respond you will win by default.

Why are you posting this legal question here on a site for married people?

Having gone through this myself, the judge will probably rule in your favor.

your going to ask a question like THAT on facebook? Unbelievable!

I think if they don’t show they just give it to you.