What happens if you take birth control while pregnant?

I recently found out I was 4 months pregnant and had no idea. I have been on the pill for the past 7 months and have had a “period” each month, on time. So the past 4 months of my pregnancy I have religiously taken the pill. Has this happened to anyone else? Will it hurt the baby?


IV heard this has happened quit often and baby is fine. Just bring it up to your doctor and in the mean time try not stressing about it.

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Please ask a qualified doctor not Facebook doctors


Here’s what I found online but yes call a nurses hotline if u can’t get ahold of your doctor

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Tell your doctor but plan b will not effect a pregnancy and plan b is like birth control on steroids so I’d assume you’re fine. I did the same thing. I’m pretty certain I started my prescription when I concieved my baby. Healthy as ever now at 33weeks :smile:


I was 28 wks (and 16 yrs old) didnt have a clue. My 12 yr old is healthy but double check with your doc if you are worried

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Talk to your doctor.

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Honestly I think if your still pregnant stop taking it you should be ok, I didnt know I was pregnant and got the shot during my pregnancy it didnt effect her any.


Yall, she probably is waiting for an appointment but her nerves are probably getting the best of her. Shes asking to see if anyone else has experienced this and what to expect until she can get to her doctor.

I could be knocked up right now for as long as she has been and call to schedule and appointment and my doctor is still 2 months out. Shes just trying to keep herself from worrying.


Will not have any effect on the baby. Don’t worry and CONGRATULATIONS :revolving_hearts:

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I can only speak from experience and in no way am I a doctor but I’m currently pregnant with my surprise baby. Found out at about 4 months as well. I have no idea I was pregnant and was on the depo shot. I also received the shot again during that time of not knowing. I have had no issues and was told by my doctor that it was okay. I am now 37 weeks and still have no issues. I’ve also had more appointments than normal just to calm my nerves and ensure that she was okay.

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She knows she’s 4 months pregnant. She has obviously seen a doctor.

I did the same with my youngest and she’s fine. I didn’t know for like 3 months that I was pregnant and was still taking my birth control.

I know someone had to take Birth control pills when she was pregnant she has a health issue and the pills helped her. I don’t exactly know all the details if there was a certain dosage or not but she was on them I think her whole pregnancy and she’s got a beautiful healthy baby girl.

All 3 of mine are birth control babies, they said was the hormones in the birth control brougbt me to a normal level and thats why it failed and all 3 my babies were healthy

I was also worried, Dr said it was fine and quite common in women not to know and still be taking it and it’s never presented a problem , don’t worry, it’s just the start of mum guilt :smile: , relax and look after yourself

You need to talk to your doctor about this.

Yall. Please learn the difference between AFFECT and EFFECT. They are not the same!!!


Yes I took birth control with my pregnancy. That was 47 years ago. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She has become a beautiful, well educated, professional women and is also the mother of 2 sons.

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I haven’t but that’s scary. Im sure it’s common.